“Blade the spearman has lead his tribe to victory countless times, shredding them with his whirling strikes!”

Rarity: Epic

Health: 4100 Base – 5535 Max

Movement Speed: 700 (2.65 tiles/second)

Attack: Circling Spears

“Blade grabs his double edged spear and spins them around himself covering all his sides and hitting enemies with both sides of the weapon”

Blade spins his double edged spear around himself. His attack would have an AOE of 360° around himself. The spear would spin twice, potentially dealing 2X as much damage if both spins hit.

Damage: 800 Base – 1080 Max (X2 if both spins hit)

Range: 3 Tiles

Reload Speed: 1.7 Seconds

Spin Duration: 1.5 Seconds

Super: Boomerang

“Blade throws his spear like a boomerang, hitting all opponents on the way out AND on the way back, incredible!“

Blade throws his double edged spear, you can aim the direction it will fly in, it has a potential to hit opponents twice, when it’s flying towards its destination and when it’s flying back to you. Once flying it just goes over walls, without destroying them.

Damage: 1500 Base – 2025 Max (X2 if both spins hit)

Range: 8.33 Tiles

Hits to Charge: 11 Hits

Flight Duration: 2.5 Seconds

Star Power: Sharp Edges

“Blade sharpens his spear, so much in fact that a strong impact from the spear is enough to blow enemies away”

Blade’s star power allows his super to stun and knockback opponents on the way back, while only stunning without knockback on the way out.

Stun Duration: 0.75 seconds


Concept by Arigh, and artwork by FreeGP

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