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Welcome to our latest post. Brawl Stars is going global in just a day now. Let’s go back in time and see how Brawl Stars has evolved. To know about Brawl Stars’ history in brief, see the graphic attached below. 

Brawl Stars Timeline

Note: I know the image says “Brawl Stars was released globally”. That was intentional.

To know about more events in detail, continue reading.

SOFT-LAUNCH: June 14, 2017 – June 15, 2017

Brawl Stars Wallpaper Western Theme

Brawl Stars was announced globally on June 14, 2017 via a live-stream on YouTube. The game was released in the Canadian App Store the following day, on June 15, 2017. A lot of prominent content creators from the Supercell community were a part of the live-stream and therefore, the news about Brawl Stars spread like fire.

Initially, Brawl Stars was released in portrait orientation and the game had a Western look. The game had only Four game modes and 15 Brawlers. The original Brawlers were:

  • Common: Shelly, Colt, Nita, Jessie, Dynamike, El Primo and Brock
  • Rare: Barley, Ricochet, Bull, Poco
  • Epic: Bo, Mortis
  • Legendary: Spike, Crow

The game modes initially available were:

  • Smash and Grab (now called Gem Grab)
  • Bounty
  • Heist (had one Safe only, a player had a 50% chance on ending up on offense or defense)
  • Showdown (Solo only)

The currencies in-game at that time were:

  • Gold: Used to open Brawl Boxes
  • Elixir: Used for upgrading Brawlers
  • Chips: Used to buy Brawlers from Shop
  • Gems: Used to buy Brawl Boxes, elixirs, and chips

Brawl Boxes used to contain the following:

  • Elixir
  • Brawlers
  • Duplicate Brawlers (converted into Chips

Brawl Stars Western UI


An update was released containing balance changes, economy changes and bug fixes just 5 days after the launch. This update made it possible for Poco to heal allies even behind walls and removed the health decay from Nita’s bear and Jessie’s turret.

u/Brawlstars also explained why the game was only launched on iOS devices in this post.


A few more minor balance changes followed the 20th June change. It was on 3rd July, 18 days after soft-launch, that Brawl Stars got its first major update. The update introduced Piper to the game as an Epic Brawler. El Primo’s El Rey skin, new Showdown map “Feast or Famine” and exclusive player profile icons were also added. This update also tweaked the matchmaking to not match bandmates, hid players names in high trophy Showdown matches and contained some more visual and QoL changes.


The first ever Brawl Stars developer AMA was hosted on 5th July on Reddit, shortly after the first update! The AMA had about 1.1k comments and the team replied to a lot of them. You can find the AMA here.

BALANCE CHANGE: July 6, 2017

This balance change nerfed Piper’s Super. Her grenades did a lot of damage and the Super could be recharged quickly, so the recharge speed was reduced by 25%. The balance change also reduced the cost of buying Epic and Legendary Brawlers from Shop and tweaked Brawl Box rewards.

STATUS REPORT: August 3, 2017

After their vacations, the Brawl Stars team posted a status update on Reddit. The revealed their future plans and also addressed teaming in Showdown for the first time. Back in the day, teaming wasn’t a very big issue, in fact, it was seen as an interesting social gesture. They also mentioned the possibility of creating a whole new game mode for teaming.

BALANCE CHANGE: August 11, 2017

These balance changes tweaked the matchmaking to make duplicate Brawlers appear less often in mid to high trophy matches. There were a lot of Brawlers and economy balances too.

UPDATE: September 4, 2017

This update released two new Brawlers: Pam and Tara, and a new game mode: Brawl Ball! Pam was added as an Epic and Tara introduced a new rarity, Mythic. Another rarity, Super Rare, was added. The rarities of a lot of Brawlers were changed. The following is an updated rarity list:

  • Common: Shelly, Colt, Nita, Dynamike, El Primo
  • Rare: Bull, Brock, Barley, Jessie
  • Super Rare: Ricochet, Poco, Bo
  • Epic: Piper, Pam
  • Mythic: Tara, Mortis
  • Legendary: Spike, Crow

This update also had the following notable changes:

  • Brock’s Super spread was made smaller
  • Brawler trophies weren’t capped at 500
  • Season system was introduced
  • Band size increased to 100
  • Controversial maps – Groundhog Burrow (Bounty) and G. G. Coral (Heist) were added
  • Coin boosters and doublers added

The update was received well by the community. Tara was overpowered when she came out and Pam, on the other hand, was underpowered. Brawl Ball became the favourite game mode of many people as it was a completely different experience from what Brawl Stars offered before the update.

BALANCE CHANGES: September 12, 2017

This update tweaked the Event rotation to make Brawl Ball appear more often. The update also contained some controversial balance changes which made some Brawlers underpowered (Mortis, Bo, Tara) and some overpowered (Pam, Dynamike). The boxes around the safe in G. G. Coral were also removed to make the map better.

BALANCE CHANGES: October 5, 2017

These changes weren’t as drastic as the previous changes. The changes made Tara, Brock, Barley, and Dynamike actually balanced. There was no Mortis buff though.

HYPE BEFORE DECEMBER UPDATE: November 5, 2017 to December 1, 2017

There were no updates or even balance changes in November. However, to keep the community updated, the Brawl Stars teamed shared teasers and mini sneaks throughout the month. It all started with a silhouette of Darryl. A few days later, mini sneaks peeks were posted on Reddit. Finally, on 30th November, Darryl was revealed. Following day, a Brawl Talk with all the information about the December update was posted.

DECEMBER UPDATE: December 5, 2017

Brawl Stars December 2017

This update changed the Brawl Stars UI for the very first time. The game lost the Western touch. Here is a list of all major additions/changes: 

  • New Brawler: Darryl
  • New Ticketed Game Modes: Robo Rumble and Boss Fight (now called Big Game)
  • Complete UI revamp
  • Elixir was changed into Tokens (1 elixir = 40 tokens)
  • Chips were converted into Gems (1 chip = 3 gems)
  • Brawler Health and Damage (including Super if applicable) stats were multiplied by 4
  • Star Powers were introduced
  • Guaranteed Brawler Boxes added
  • Friendly Battles
  • New upgrade system (introduced Crests)
  • Single-use name change

The update also added voices to Barley and Nita, removed the chance of getting duplicate Brawlers and had some Brawlers and Events balances.

Despite so many changes, this update was received very well by the community. Robo Rumble and Boss Fight quickly became favourites of many. The chip-gem compensation also allowed free-to-play players to buy skins and the upgrade system rework allowed people to upgrade Brawlers from scratch, in line with the recent meta.

UPDATE: December 18, 2017

This update contained a lot of necessary balance changes, bug fixes, UI improvements and made Tickets permanent. Poco’s Star Power was also changed to ‘healing allies for 200 hp per hit’ from ‘ring of healing allies (by 1000 hp) upon death’. Coin Boosters were removed from the game and the chance of unlocking Coin Doublers was doubled. Below is the game team’s reasoning on removing Coin Boosters:

“To expand on why we’re removing Coin Boosters, there are a few reasons. Firstly, we’d like to give ourselves a little more wiggle room in case we want to introduce an event that injects a lot of Coins into the economy without breaking it. Secondly, we didn’t want there to be a scenario where people would need to horde their Brawl Boxes before an event in the hopes of getting a Coin Booster.”

MAINTENANCE: December 12, 2017

A maintenance was conducted 4 days after the update with some Brawler balances, increased Token output from Brawl Boxes (by 12%), Robo Rumble robot spawn tweaks and matchmaking improvements. The maintenance was also aimed to improve the servers.

BALANCE CHANGES: January 16, 2018

With the New Year, Brawl Stars released balance changes. The changes included a nerf to Colt’s Star Power, reducing the speed boost by 50%. Robo Rumble maps were also adjusted to make it impossible to lure all the bots together.

SECOND DEVELOPER AMA: January 17, 2018

The balance changes update was followed by another developer AMA. The AMA post had an exciting announcement: Brawl Stars was going to launch in Sweden, Norway, and Finland later that day! This time, the AMA got more than 1.2k comments and the devs answered a lot of the questions. Click here to check the AMA.

BALANCE CHANGES: January 26, 2018

The soft-launch in Sweden, Norway, and Finland was followed by another round of balance changes. The changes were small and didn’t affect the meta a lot.


This was the most controversial Brawl Talk ever. In the Brawl Talk, it was revealed in that the game orientation will be changed to Landscape, in addition to UI revamp and upgrade system change again. It was also revealed that a new resource called Key will be added to the game and Token and Crests will be removed. More information about Keys, Token conversions and Crests here.


March Landscape UI

It is safe to say that the Landscape update was the most disliked update in the history of Brawl Stars. The update contained the following: 

  • Switch to Landscape mode
  • UI change
  • Upgrade system change
  • Removal of tap-to-move
  • Auto-aim
  • New resources: Keys, Power Points, and “new” Coins
  • Spawn protection in Showdown

The change to Landscape caused an uproar in the community. A lot of people gave feedback about the update. Some of the notable posts are below:

A lot of people (including myself) stopped playing the game after the update. But the developers didn’t lose hope. They continued to work on the game and tried to improve. The Landscape update was an eye-opener for everyone. By sticking with the Landscape update, Supercell proved that they don’t give up easily. And by expressing their feelings, the community showed how much it loved the game.

BALANCE CHANGES: March 21, 2018 and March 23, 2018

With the switch to Landscape, the effectiveness of many Brawlers decreased. These balance changes aimed to make every Brawler as balanced as it could in Landscape mode. Some changes like increasing movement speed of all Brawlers, increasing speed of projectiles, changing camera angle, etc., were important in recreating the same old experience and balancing all the Brawlers. 2 days after the first round of balance changes, they released more changes with nerfs to long-range Brawlers.

STATUS REPORT: April 4, 2018

After delivering a controversial update and sticking by it, Brawl Stars team posted a status update a few days later. They revealed that they have seen some positive trends in terms of player retention. They also revealed their future plans like nerfing auto-aim, making the tutorial better, adding more incentives to push trophies, adding social features and new content (Brawlers and Game Modes) if time permits.

BALANCE UPDATE: April 6, 2018

2 days after the status report, Brawl Stars gave mini sneaks peeks! They revealed that balance changes are coming next week along with a new community map! Thousand Lakes created by /u/TheMordeus was being added to the game!

The balance changes were available 3 days after, on 9th April.

DEVELOPER Q&A: May 3, 2018

To keep the community interested, the moderation team of /r/Brawlstars decided to bring over developer Q&A’s. A lot of questions were asked. The most upvoted questions were passed onto the developers and they replied to them here.

MAY UPDATE: May 23, 2018

A few days before the update, a Brawl Talk was released talking about the update and switch to Landscape. The May update had a lot of content and it made Brawl Stars the amazing game it once was again. Here are the key changes/additions of the May update: 

  • New Brawlers: Penny and Frank
  • Heist rework: It now has 2 safes on each side!
  • Duo Showdown
  • Trophy Leagues/Trophy Road
  • Spectate mode
  • New UI
  • Battle key bar/bank and Star keys
  • Event Rotation changes: Slot 1 – Gem Grab | Slot 2 – Showdown | Slot 3 – Heist | Slot 4 – Bounty, Brawl Ball, Robo Rumble, and Boss Fight
  • Big Box → Mega Box
  • “New” Big Box
  • Advertisements
  • Rarity changes: Poco (Super Rare → Rare) and El Primo (Common → Rare)
  • “Play Again” feature

May Landscape UI


This update was also followed by a maintenance to fix some bugs. It was followed by another maintenance which came with some Brawler balances. Overall, this update was received well by the community and restored their faith in the Brawl Stars’ team.


On the one year anniversary of Brawl Stars, the third Community Roundtable was released. The CRT featured Lex, Kairos and Ryan where they discussed the most upvoted question from the CRT questions post.

JUNE UPDATE: June 19, 2018

Just a few days after the CRT, the June update dropped. The update contained the following:

  • 4 New Skins: Phoenix Crow (300 gems), Caveman Frank (80 gems), Summer Jessie (80 gems) and Dragon Knight Jessie (150 gems)
  • Free Brawl Box in shop available every day
  • Solo and Duo Showdown toggle
  • Gems as Brawl Box rewards
  • Max friends increased to 200 from 100

In addition to these, the update also contained a lot of QoL changes, bug fixes and balance changes.



Brawl Stars team posted the following picture of Spike on Reddit and other social platforms on 24th June. In the picture, Spike’s shadow is in the shape of Android’s mascot (Bugdroid). Everyone was excited by this and was waiting for the Android release.

Brawl Stars Android


After two days of unparalleled excitement and restlessness, the game was released on Android platform in the soft-launch countries. Android users all over the world tried to play the game by downloading the APK but to their surprise, the game had an extra layer of security to restrict the game to soft-launch countries only. Soon after, some people found out ways to trick the system by using VPNs, allowing many people outside soft-launch countries to experience Brawl Stars for the first time!

Almost a week after Android release, an optional update was released which fixed the Joystick and added some small QoL features.

ROBO BUMBLE: Late July – Late September

Robo Rumble

The community found an exploit in Robo Rumble which allowed one to survive for the maximum time (13:14). The exploit was Mortis luring all the enemy robots and making them go in circles. The other 2 teammates had to stay very close to the safe or else the robots weren’t lured. It took 2-3 months for the developers to fix it because this exploit was found when the developers were on a vacation and after coming back, they had to work on an update.

FAN ART CONTENT: August 14, 2018 to August 27, 2018

While the Brawl Stars developers were working on an update, they decided to hold a fan art content for the community. The entries were accepted till 21st August (one week) and then the community had two days to vote for their favourites. On 27th August, the results were declared here. u/SlitherinSuccotash bagged the first position with this submission: 

Waiting In The Mines

#StopTheSpin Community Initiative: August 23, 2018

KairosTime introduced a community initiative to try and stop teaming in Showdown. During this time, teaming in Showdown had increased by A LOT! People teamed in almost all of the high trophy Showdown games. Teams of Dynamike and Barleys were the most popular and made it impossible to win in Solo Showdown unless a player teamed and betrayed. The #StopTheSpin initiative was to say no to teaming by betraying teamers early in the game, even at the cost of victory. To read more about this initiative, see Kairos’ post here.


Like previous roundtables, this CRT answered the most voted questions from this post. The community was enraged after this CRT because very less information about the upcoming update was revealed even though CRT’s are for discussion about Brawl Stars and not update news.

SEPTEMBER BRAWL TALK: September 25, 2018

The community was still unhappy with the CRT when the Brawl Talk came. The Brawl Talk made the community even more furious because like the CRT, the Brawl Talk had very less information about the update. This time, their anger was justified as Brawl Talks are for recent update news and not for discussion about the far future of the game.

SEPTEMBER UPDATE: September 27, 2018

After a disappointing Brawl Talk, the developers released the September update in just 2 days! The update contained a lot of new features. The most interesting and notable additions were:

  • Event Modifiers
  • 15 New Community Maps
  • Supercell ID (in Finland only)
  • Battle Log (no Replays)
  • New Mortis Model (w/o hat) and Skin
  • New Event Rotation
    • 3rd Slot: Heist, Bounty and Brawl Ball
    • 4th Slot: All Events with active modifiers (except for ticketed events)
  • Spectate after death in Solo Showdown

Along with these features, there were some balance changes, minor QoL tweaks and bug fixes. The preceding Brawl Talk didn’t mention most of the features that came with this update, and that was the reason why the community was angry. The anger went away with the update though — most players were happy with all the new changes except for the controversial change to Mortis’ model. In an official Twitter poll, more than 70% people preferred Mortis with hat.

A few days after this update, Supercell ID was enabled in all countries. It was followed by a minor update to fix some bugs.


On 15th October, Brawl Stars’ team revealed that they have decided to remove advertisements from the game. Their reasoning behind it was:

“We put Reward Doublers into Brawl Stars about four months ago, and have since been testing whether they have a place in the game. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that way. The Ads added some complications to the progression pacing, and game economy. Ultimately, we would’ve needed additional alterations to the game’s design in order to make the Ads work. We felt the team’s focus is better spent on developing awesome content.”

By removing the advertisements, Brawl Stars developers proved that they focus on creating good content for the game more than on ways to increase their revenue. Although the ads helped people progress faster, most of the people weren’t very sad to see them go away.

THE DAYS OF MYSTERY: November 7, 2018 – November 14, 2018

Sunrise or Sunset?

On 7th December, Brawl Stars posted the above image on all their social media platforms. The picture shows 5 Brawlers (Spike, Colt, Shelly, Poco and Crow) which are either walking away from the viewer, towards the setting Sun or towards the viewer, with Sun rising in the background. People came up with their conspiracy theories. Most of them thought that Brawl Stars was either going global or getting killed but some believed it might be a teaser for new 5v5 game mode till Brawl Stars deleted all their social media posts (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page) except that image. Everyone now knew that either Brawl Stars will go global or be killed.

After 5 days of endless speculation and restlessness in the community, Brawl Stars posted the link of a YouTube live-stream with the thumbnail saying “We need to talk…” on a black background. The live-stream was scheduled for 14th November. On 14th, Ryan announced that Brawl Stars is going to be killed. Just kidding. He announced that Brawl Stars will go GLOBAL in December! The picture they shared on their social media accounts was actually a sunrise with the Brawlers walking towards the viewer!




Brawl Stars pre-registrations begin right after the global announcements. In just one single day, Brawl Stars reached 5 MILLION pre-registrations! It was a HUGE achievement for the developers who worked hard on the game for the past one and a half year. An exclusive Shelly skin, Star Shelly was unlocked. Any player logging into the game before 1st January 2019 will receive the skin for free!


On 21st November, animated emojis were released on iOS! To download the emoji pack on your device, click here. To see the Animated Emojis in action, click here. The following Stickers are also available with the Animated Emojis:


PRE-GLOBAL UPDATE: December 7, 2018

Brawl Stars 3D

The information about the an update before the global release was revealed in this Brawl Talk. The global release date of Brawl Stars, that is 12th December 2018, was also confirmed in the video. The update was released on 7th December with the following content: 

  • 3D Environments
  • New Legendary Brawler: Leon
  • UI Revamp
  • New Brawler and Skin Models
  • Free Mortis skin with hat
  • New Modifier: Healing Mushrooms
  • Lots of name changes
  • Darryl Rework
  • Brawler Balance Changes
  • New Slot for Ticketed Game Modes
  • QoL fixes

December 2018 UI

Unfortunately, the update came with some bugs too. The developers identified most of the bugs and released an update on 9th December with their fix, but despite the latest update, the game still has to be completely optimised for lower devices.


Just a few days before global launch, Brawl Stars was launched in Russia. It came as a surprise as no one expected the developers to launch the game in any specific country at this time. Ryan says “We wanted to test our servers with a larger country, so we’re welcoming Russia early into Brawl Stars!” It seems like the developers wanted to test the range of their servers, and not the effect of masses. To test the latter, the developers would have picked a more populated country, like China or India.

Thank you for reading this far! I hope you enjoyed reading about Brawl Stars’ history. The game was come very far since it was released. While playing it on the 1st day, we knew that Brawl Stars will be a big hit but no one expected it to get 5 million pre-registrations in a single day! No one thought that the game will be in beta for 1.5 years. No one ever thought the game would switch to Landscape or go into 3D mode. But all that happened. For the better or worse, it doesn’t really matter now. The moment we all have been so eagerly waiting for is finally here now. Brawl Stars goes global in just 1 day. It’s time to celebrate.

Brawl Stars Global
Credits: Official BS Twitter


I’ve put together an imgur album with many images of Brawl Stars’ old UI. Click here to check it out. Special thanks to u/Sector03 and LlamaTrauma (Discord) for sharing some of the images.



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