eSports for the year of 2016 reached nearly $500 million in revenue, and the growth in recent history has been exponential. Titles such as League of Legends, Dota 2, and CS:GO among many others have attributed to this. With the gaming industry experiencing this sort of growth, will Supercell be able to keep up?

The immense success that Brawl Stars has had in beta leads to one question and one question only, “Where do we go from here”? The possibilities can seem endless, but for the sake of this article I will briefly discuss 3 key suggestions that will more than likely dictate the future success of the game.




In Game Economy:

As with all Supercell titles, Brawl Stars offers in app purchases. Some might be quick to say it a P2W title and therefore won’t survive as an eSport, however I completely disagree. When compared to Clash Royale, the difference from base stats to max stats is minuscule. The rise in health and damage in Brawl Stars to max is only around a 25 percent increase when compared to the 200 percent and higher in Clash Royale. This means that if you are a skilled player in Brawl Stars, you can certainly reach the top of the ladder…

But we all know this is not the real issue with the economy. Even though gemming in this game only gives you slightly more powerful brawlers, the gold progression is horrific. The further you progress in the game, the less gold you get. You heard me right, Less! This is a huge problem, and unless the addiction for Brawl Stars is as high mine is, a lot of players may end up quitting. There just isn’t enough sense of reward in this game when you progress, and that can cause the game to feel stale to some players.

What Supercell needs to do is completely rework the coin system within the game. Give players more coins to spend as they reach higher levels. When your brawlers reach a certain point, you rarely level them up and therefore rarely receive coins anymore. Because of this, the reward for leveling up your account and brawlers needs to increase tremendously. What good does a coin boost do if you rarely receive coins? Might as well spend all of your gems on boxes, which is not exactly economical. If this game wants to thrive and reach its true potential, they need to start adopting ideas from other successful games.

Long story short, the gold system sucks. Something needs to be done.


lol roles


Defined Character Roles:

This is something my band mates and I have discussed a lot as of late. When you analyze big Esports titles such as League of Legends, the champions within the game have very defined roles they play. In LoL you have tanks, damage dealers, and support champions. There are five different roles — top, mid, ADC, support, and jungle. Regardless of who you choose to play in that game, you know your role. Your job is to do something very specific for your team, and the outcome of the game rides on it.

With Brawl Stars, sometimes it is hard to figure out what brawler does what. El Primo appears to be designed to be a tank, yet he has to big of a punching range and damage to really play the role as a meat shield for your team. He is sort of a hybrid tank/damage dealer. This can create problems down the road for competitive play. The gaming community likes to know exactly what they’re getting themselves into when playing or watching a game. If the characters within the game don’t have very defined roles, it may be confusing to watch a tournament as it may be hard to determine who is doing what. Brawl Stars just doesn’t have clearly defined brawler roles, as most of the characters are just small variations from each other.

Vainglory, a very popular mobile MOBA, does a great job with this. Even if you play with randoms, you can call a position before you get into the game. You can either call Support, Laner, or Jungler. So even if you don’t have the communication with a band member, you still get a general idea as to what your teammates will be doing once you are inside of the match. This could be a very simple fix for Brawl Stars, and it would improve the popularity tremendously. Supercell, give the brawlers more defined roles and create characters in the future with specific traits such as heal, tank, DPS, and support, and it will be very appreciated.

eSports that thrive are ones that are easy to understand the role that each character plays in the game.


brawl stars legendaries


Brawler Ease of Access:

It’s okay Supercell, we all understand why the brawlers have different rarity levels. In fact, nothing was more satisfying to me than pulling a Bo from a box. The excitement you feel from clicking the buy box button after an hour of grinding can feel exhilarating. However, it is simply too hard right now to access epics and legendaries.

When you look at a title such as League of Legends, you have to unlock a character to use it. At first glance, this may seem similar to Brawl Stars. However the two are vastly different. With one, you can grind out games to receive in game currency to buy a character. With the other, receiving an epic or legendary is completely out of your control unless you get lucky from a box. With all successful Esports titles, players have fair access to the all the characters within the game. Charging 600 chips for a legendary doesn’t qualify as fair. Especially with the current Economy within the game.

You have two options, Supercell:

1. Lower the cost of legendaries by at least 50 percent. If you’re going to keep the epics at 70, fine we can deal with that. However the progression of 3 for common, 10 for rare, 70 for epic, and 600 for legendary is just too exponential. Getting 600 chips will take way too long for f2p players. My suggestion is lower the chip amount to at the very most 300.

2. If you refuse to lower the chip amount to acquire a legendary, perhaps allow us to purchase them with gold or gems. In other eSports titles, players have the opportunity to purchase characters with real money OR in game currency, making them more accessible if you strongly desire to obtain one. Right now, you have to either save up 600 chips or spend real money for a CHANCE at receiving a legendary.

Without improving the ease of access for brawlers within the game, it will surely not reach it’s full potential as it will be deemed too P2W.


Brawl Stars is by far the most fun I have had on a mobile device, and I’m sure multiple players can vouch for me on that statement. This game has enticing game modes, and highly in depth team strategy. However, many improvements need to be made if it is to reach the pinnacle of competitive gaming. With just a few simple fixes, it isn’t out of the realm to say this game could completely change the scope of the eSports industry. No mobile title has managed to gain the traction needed to rival PC titles, but I believe Brawl Stars has the potential to do so.

Don’t screw this one up Supercell.

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