Howdy Brawlers! In this post, we will talk about various Brawl Stars Tournaments which you can join to show-off your brawling skills! 

Many people consider Brawl Stars to be a potential major game in the area of mobile esports. Mobile esports are making their way into the global esports community, and that means people from all over the world are competing. The major esports titles include other Supercell titles such as Clash Royale. Many of the major esports, including Clash Royale, are MOBAs. This indicates that MOBA games play a large part in the esports industry. That is exactly the reason for people thinking Brawl Stars will become a major esports title.

The people who have been playing the game since the day one of its launch consider it to be a game changer in the mobile esports industry. As of now, there are many tournaments which are conducted, and there are many people who enthusiastically take part in them, including top-level pro players. For now, let’s take a look of the tournaments and leagues that are currently taking place in Brawl Stars.


PBL stands for Pro Brawl League. This tournament was started by Coach Cory, a Brawl Stars content creator. This was the first kind of tournament in Brawl Stars to be largely recognized by the community. It has a large fan base and everyone can see all the top guns in action. After all, season 1 was successfully completed and following its great success, season 2 has begun and is underway. Get watching!

Status: Season 1 completed, season 2 running

Season 1 Winners: Tribe Wakandans

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BS World Cup

BS World Cup

BS World Cup is an international tournament that features countries who each fight to prove their nation’s strength. It is hosted by Kius YT, a Spanish content creator. He streams the tournaments on YouTube with Spanish commentary. Although the language is difficult to understand for many people, the gameplay and the hype created when two nations BRAWL is inevitable. The schedules and times are announced on Twitter.

Status: Friendly matches only, qualifications start soon.

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FIBA is a tournament that features Brawl Ball, a soccer-esque game mode in Brawl Stars. It is an intense but fun mode requiring a lot of teamwork. It is hosted by Lex and KairosTime, who are currently the most popular YouTubers for Brawl Stars. They have been providing quality content constantly for many months.

Status: Season 1 completed

Season 1 Winners: Tribe Wakandans

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There is no official Discord server or Twitter handle for these tournaments. However, you can join Lex’s and Kairos’ Discord servers: 

Draft Stars

Draft Stars offers a unique Brawl Stars tournament experience. Just like in some other MOBAs, the tournament begins with a draft phase, where each team can select 5 Brawlers which they will be using for that week’s play. These matches are hosted by KairosTime and Lex. This tournament has achieved a huge success following its unique play style.

Status: Season 1 completed

Season 1 Winners: Bikini Pam’s

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There is not an official Discord server for Draft Stars. However, you can visit Lex’s and Kairos’ servers, which are linked above. 

Club Tournaments

Tribe Tournaments

These tournaments can be accessed only by players who are part of the Tribe family.

Join Tribe’s Discord server for more information about them.

Nova Tournaments

These tournaments are accessed only by people who are part of the Nova family. 

Join Nova’s Discord server for more information about them.




Last but not the least: as I have mentioned earlier that this game will have a strong hold in mobile esports, Brawl Stars has actually stepped into the mobile esports scene earlier than expected (even before global launch)! ESL has decided to conduct a major tournament for Brawl Stars, and the finals will be held in Germany. The qualifiers are live now. You can follow ESL Brawl Star’s Twitter handle for more info.

To get weekly information about the tournaments, teams, and results, check out That’s all we have for today! Are you considering joining a tournament for Brawl Stars in the future? Leave your answer in the comments below.

Written by Cerberus ™ and edited by Vrn.

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    Love the game! Had Clash Royale before but as soon as I downloaded Brawl Stars I couldnt stop playing! I was wondering as an experienced player.( had the app since it first came out) I am confident enough to say Im very good as i always am the star player in every match i play. I have 3051 highest trophies, 844 victories(3v3). How can i sign up for tournaments ?

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