Hey fellow Brawlers! Today BSB is going to review the new exploit you can do in Boss Fight. We will tell you the team comp and their roles, how to do it, as well as tips and tricks to not messing up.


This exploit was discovered by Redditors Fizzy, Search & Destroy, and Jake-Mercs. They first realized that the hitbox of a Boss was a 2-by-2 square, which is larger than the 1-by-1 hitbox of normal Brawlers. They also realized there was a corner wall, where if a 1 block wide gap was created, the Boss wouldn’t be able to fit. Thus, the plan came together.

Brawlers and How-To

These are the 3 essential Brawlers you will need to do the exploit, as well as a description of how to do it.


Bull is one of the essential Brawlers to the exploit. First, you need to charge up his Super by hitting the Boss at the beginning. This shouldn’t be hard because the Boss will not be angry. Once your Super is charged, go to the bottom left corner of the map. There, you should be able to take out the 4 blocks at the bottom of the wall structure in a 1-tile wide path. Charge up your Super again, but this time Super the 1 block above the bottom-left space, to create an alcove. Spin to let the Barley over, and you two will be able to enter the alcove. The Boss cannot enter because he is wide, so will be stuck trying to attack you. After in the alcove, Bull’s job will be to kill any of the smaller bots that try to enter. Make sure not to go outside, however, as the Boss will target you.


Barley is another important piece of this equation. As Barley, you should try to charge your Super in the beginning while Bull is creating the alcove. Once you are in the alcove, the Boss should be trying to attack you but stays 2-3 blocks away. You should be able to chain Supers on the Boss. This is because he is not moving since he is trying to attack you but can’t. Barley’s Super does A LOT of damage when all of the bottles are on the Boss so it will be easy to melt through the Boss.

Fast Brawler

The third member of the comp should be someone with a speed above the average Brawler. This is because this Brawler’s role is getting targeted by the Boss’s missiles while drawing smaller bots towards them. Leon or Maxed Colt are the ideal option for this role because they do a lot of damage to bots and have a movement speed of 820, 100 above the average Brawler. Crow and Mortis also suffice because they have a high movement speed, yet do not do as much damage to the bots. As the fastest Brawler, you will immediately go to the top right-hand corner of the map without attracting the Boss’s attention. There, the Boss will fire his missiles at you, because it targets the Brawler the furthest away from it. You will stay in the corner the whole time, as to attract the Boss’s missiles without attracting the Boss himself. You will also have to kill the enemy bots, which will become trickier as they become angry and then furious. 

Tips and Tricks

  • Make sure to enter the alcove when the Boss does not have his run charged up. If he does, he can break the walls and likely kill the Barley and Bull inside.
  • It is essential that the third Brawler does not die. If they do, the Boss’s missiles will immediately target the Barley and Bull, destroying the walls as well as killing/damaging them. Additionally, do not activate your Supers as Leon or Crow, because the Boss cannot target you with his missiles. Even with a period as short as Crow’s jump, the Boss can easily target the other two.
  • Do not replace the first two out of 3 Brawlers. They are both essential to the process. Dynamike should not be used in place of Barley because he has a much lower damage output, and his Super could accidentally break the walls. Additionally, no one can break the walls in a 1-wide tunnel like Bull, so he is irreplaceable. 

That is all for today. If you want additional information as well as gameplay, view this video. That’s it for now, see you guys soon!

Written by AZEd, edited by Arius. 

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