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Bo: Jack of All Trades, Master of None? - Brawl Stars Blog

Bo is easily the most versatile brawler in Brawl Stars. His attack, super, and health all combine to form a brawler that can work in almost any situation. After recent changes and Supercell’s own thoughts, though, Bo might not be the do-it-all brawler he is now. The developers are starting to look in a different direction. Only time can tell if it’s the right direction, but speculation is always fun.

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Bo’s Buff

As of writing this, the most recent balance changes decreased Bo’s reload speed to 1.7 seconds. In Supercell’s own words, it gives him, “more area-denial ability.” The change has a few repercussions, both in how Bo is viewed and played. Before, many saw Bo as being able to contribute to any situation. Now, it seems as though Supercell wants to put him into an area-denial archetype. His quick reload is now even faster than Barley’s, who is one of the best brawlers for map control. The reload also encourages players to spam more often rather than aim with his arrows. Bo’s attack buff and super, both great for controlling the map, are beginning to carve out a more palpable role for him. However, this might not be a positive for the archer.

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Specialized or General

In a more general sense, should brawlers be able to do a few things very well or everything at an average level? It seems very apparent that Supercell has chosen the former. The different game modes and unique brawlers that they have showcased all prove to wanting specialized brawlers. This is bad for someone like Bo. Before, he had everything- health, range, area-denial. Now, well, he still has everything, but it will probably change. Unless Bo is never touched again, he will be the recipient of a nerf. No matter what part of his kit they decrease, it will make him into a more defined area-denial brawler. Since Supercell can’t, or won’t, change the core mechanics of a brawler, it will leave them with the confused mess that is Bo. The possibility that they keep him in the versatile role is still there, but the chances are low. Supercell wants their brawlers a certain way, and Bo is not like that. Although it’s hard to determine now, Bo users must get used to playing him the same way a Barley or Dynamike is.

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Bo’s Future

If Bo continues to go down the area-denial path, he will be more unique than the other two that fit the role. Those brawlers being the aforementioned Barley and Dynamike. Bo, even with the quicker reload, still relies on his area denial coming from his super. It will indirectly charge faster now that he can get more shots off, but it still differs from Barley and Dynamike. Both of the traditional area-denial brawlers use their attack and super to zone the map. This means denying choke points on Heist maps or controlling the middle of Gem Grab maps. Bo, on the other hand, won’t always have his super.

He will struggle more in Heist because he can’t constantly produce mines for his team, nor can he get enough damage will just his arrows to make a difference. Bo can help in Bounty and Gem Grab though. He still has a ton of health, even though some goes to waste because of his range. The extra health can be the difference between losing all of your gems in the last seconds, or winning the game. His faster reload should also help in the game modes. Bo’s ability to keep enemies at bay while his team pushes forward will be valuable. Once he does get his super, keeping the opposition back is a breeze. Overall, a role change for Bo wouldn’t necessarily be bad or good, but just different. He’ll be feasible in different ways.

For Better or For Worse

As I’ve said before, nothing is set in stone. Supercell could be changing Bo back as I type this. Based on the evidence and Supercell’s statements, though, it seems that Bo will slowly be changed. So, did Supercell mess up on Bo or was it something they could try again? In the future, a versatile brawler that is decent in every game mode is possible. It wouldn’t match Supercell’s specialized brawler agenda, but they could make an exception. If it were to happen, the brawler would almost surely be legendary. They would have to be niche enough to qualify into that tier, while also being able to do well in every game mode. The chances are slim, but a jack of all trades brawler may come to Brawl Stars soon. Supercell’s first attempt with Bo was respectable, but not good enough for their own standards.



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