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Best Gem Grab Tips - Feat. Rob Stark - Brawl Stars Blog

Today, we will be talking about the best tips for Gem Grab that will help you win a lot more in the most popular game mode! Also go check out Rob Stark as he also explains these tips with game play in his recent video! The video will be embedded at the bottom of this post if you want to check it out!


Determine the Primary Gem Carrier Before A Match If You Are With A Team

Before the game if you are playing with friends or band mates, establish who will be the gem carrier and get most of the gems. Good gem carrier brawlers are brawlers with decent health, a good escape method, and are mid to long range Brawlers. The point of Gem Grab is to collect the gems, so it’s important to have a strategy when it’s possible to communicate.

The Best Gem Grabbers

Decent Gem Grabbers

  • Crow
  • Piper
  • Jessie


Establish Map Control And Then Spawn Trap/Kill

Establishing map control and taking over the middle is the main way, that you will get a hold of gems. Once you have control, you and your team should keep them in their spawn. All you want to do is make sure they stay in their spawn while the gem carrier gets the gems from the center.

Another way that will help you spawn trap is by deciding who will go in what direction before the game stars. Usually the gem carrier will go middle and the other teammates to the left and right. This can be helpful so that the enemy team has no direction to go, without being pushed back.


Kill As A Team Whenever Possible

One thing that really helps with establishing map control in Gem Grab is team killing whenever possible. Once you and your team gets the first kill on the enemy then you want to be a little bit more aggressive and push up the map so that your team can get some more kills. The first person that your team killed is still busy, waiting to respawn which allows you and your teammates to get 3v2’s and 2v1’s. This will significantly help you with lane and map control, allowing you to get more gems.


Don’t Be Aggressive With Two Or More Gems

This may be obvious but if you have two or more gems, you don’t want to push into their spawn and kind of stay back. Also be aware about where you are on the map and examine if you could potentially die at the area you are at, especially if you are the main gem carrier.

Also, if you are pretty certain that you are about to die, run to your spawn or to the nearest teammate so that when you do die, they can pick your gems up. A lot of times if you die near your spawn and the other team gets your gems, your teammates can kill him and retrieve the gems back.



Fall Back A Little if Teammate(s) Dies

When one of your teammates dies, you’ll want to fall back a little bit and get chip shots until the teammate who dies respawns. This prevents the enemy team from team killing you and when you have your full team back, you can go in and push back at the enemy to take over the center and have overall map control.


If Bear/Turret Is Spawned, Kill It Immediately

Another obvious tip, but killing a bear and turret immediately is very important so that you don’t lose map control and they both can do a lot of damage, especially the turret (Due to the new buff). If you kill it with a team very quickly, it is going to get no hits or any value which will let you regain control on the map.

Any object which basically acts as a fourth brawler, whether it’s a bear or turret, provides a huge help in Gem Grab which is why you need to take them out as soon as possible.


If You Don’t Have Gems That Will Contribute, Tank And Suicide When Your Team’s Countdown Starts

When you don’t have any gems or if you do have gems but they are meaningless to the countdown, then you want to take shots for your teammates and become a distraction to the enemy team so that your teammate(s) with the gems can easily get away and wait for the countdown to be over.

In some cases if you do have a lot of gems and the countdown has started, you do not want to fall back immediately but instead fall back slowly and get some shots on the enemy on your way to spawn.


Even With The Countdown, You Can Still Grab 2 Gems From The Gem Mine

For example, if your team has nine gems and the other team has eight gems, you do not want to get 1 gem and then run back into your own spawn because a gem spawns approximately every 5-7 seconds, allowing the enemy team to get 2 gems before the countdown ends and tie with your team. But if the enemy team has 2 more gems and they are falling back to spawn, allow them to do that so that your team can get 2 more gems from the spawner and tie the game up.

Be sure to go check out Rob Stark Brawl Stars‘s YouTube channel and check out this video to hear more in depth on these Gem Grab tips!

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