Howdy Brawlers!

Welcome to the latest post of Brawl Stars Blog. As the name Beginner’s Guide suggests, this post is targeted towards the beginners! Continue reading to know about all the mechanisms of Brawl Stars with brawling tips, game modes, currencies, etc., in depth.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Brawling Tips
    • Brawl Mechanics
    • Attacking and Defending fundamentals
  • Upgrading Brawlers
  • Game Modes
    • Ranked
    • Unranked
  • Currencies and Brawl Boxes
  • Miscellaneous


Round up your friends and get ready for an epic multiplayer slugfest! Unlock a variety of rowdy game modes and dozens of rough and tumble characters with punishing super abilities. Shoot ’em up, blow ’em up, punch ’em out and win the BRAWL.

Brawl Stars is a moba (short for multiplayer online battle arena). You compete with players in real-time for glory in five different game modes. The first thing you will be doing when starting the game is completing the tutorial, which will teach you how to move and attack using your Brawler in the battlefield. Unfortunately, it does not get more into detail of how to advantageously move your Brawler, attack and dodge in strategic ways. So that’s what I’ll be doing in this guide, introduce you to the many battling strategies and ultimately win!

Brawling Tips

Brawl Mechanism

In Brawl Stars, you assume control of a Brawler, a tiny, very powerful creature, ailing from the Brawl Star. The default Brawler every player gets is Shelly, a badass Shotgun shooter. Using your Brawler, you have to fight and defeat other Brawlers. But this is not the only thing you have to do. Each one of the 7 different game modes has its own main objective, which you’ve got to fulfill in order to win. I’ll go in more detail about this in the game modes section.

Each Brawler have different mechanisms, stats and appearance. The health of your Brawler regenerates every time you stop attacking (provided that enemy isn’t attacking you). Once your Brawler dies, it respawns in 5 seconds (except in Showdown and Robo Rumble) at one of your team’s spawn point. There are various obstacles and bushes throughout the battlefield, the Map. Behind an obstacle, you can not be attacked by enemy Brawlers (except by Dynamike and Barley – more about this later too). When you stand inside a bush, you are invisible to the enemies. Opponents can see you when you attack from inside a bush or when they get close. Your teammates can always see you in the bushes.

Each Brawler has two unique special abilities: Super and Star Power.


SuperYou have to charge up your Super by hitting enemies. Once charged, you’ll be able to activate the Super. Upon activating it, you will need to drag the Super button in a direction to use it.

Different Brawlers have different Super abilities. Supers are mostly used for the following purposes:

  • 1. Securing Kills

Supers are mostly used for securing a kill. Supers of many Brawlers offer increased damage and range to allow you to kill even the strongest of Brawlers.

  • 2. Quick Movement

Supers of some Brawlers allow them to move to another location on the map. These are very useful as they allow you to escape when you’re low on health or you need to get close to an opponent.

  • 3. Area Control

Some Supers can be used to discourage the enemy team from walking into a certain area for a set amount of time. This can help to protect the objective in modes like Smash and Grab or Brawl Ball, or can protect them from advancing on your teammates.

Check this (slightly dated) guide by u/OkapiLips for more information about Supers.

Star Power

Star Power 2Star Powers, unlike Supers, can be unlocked only after increasing the level of your Brawler to 9. Star Powers are passive abilities that can be extremely useful in a Brawl.

Star Powers can be found in a Brawl Box or bought from the Shop with coins once you upgrade your Brawler to level 9. Star Powers have a very low drop rate so you have to save your coins.

Attacking and Defending fundamentals

By now, you must’ve acquainted yourself with different types of attacks and are now ready to smash enemy brawlers, and to protect yourself from their shots.

 You have to make sure you understand each Brawler’s attack mechanism before brawling with it. A good way to learn how to use a brawler is by playing Friendly Brawls. You will not lose any trophies if you lose and you’ll learn how to use your brawler as well as how to counter others. Once you know your Brawler’s mechanisms, you’ll be able to follow this guide better.

Broadly, Brawlers can be classified into 3 types on the basis of their range: Long range, medium range and short range.

Long Range

If you’re using a long range brawler, you should focus on aiming at enemies far away from you. You will need to predict your opponent’s movements to hit them with great accuracy. This is very easy against players that move their brawlers in a fixed pattern, but it gets difficult against good players, who move their brawlers randomly.

It is easy to defend against enemies when you’re using a long range brawler. You will be able to hit enemies from a distance and it’ll make you almost invincible. But defending against long range enemy brawlers is difficult as they’ll be able to attack you from distances too. You have to hide behind obstacles most of the times and come out only to shoot. Make sure to retreat again.

Medium Range

If you are using a medium range brawler, then you’ll have to reach somewhat close to your enemies to attack. But it is easier to target opponents as the medium range brawlers’ attacks are wider than those of long range Brawlers. You should make your way to the enemy slowly using bushes and obstacles to hide.

Defending using medium range Brawler is slightly difficult as you’ll have to be closer to the enemies. Long range brawlers will be able to attack you easily. So using obstacles and bushes is very important to defend.

Never move in a fixed pattern and always change your movement direction. This will confuse the enemies and they won’t be able to hit you easily.

Short Range

You have to get very close to the enemies to attack them with short range brawlers. You have to make your way to the enemy very slowly, hiding in bushes and behind obstacles. You have higher health and damage output than most of the other brawlers though.

Defending when using short range brawlers is very difficult too. But to make the game fair, short range brawlers have high health that allows them to stay longer on the battlefield. You should move in a very random manner and be on the lookout for snipers as they can kill you before you get near them, or even see them.

Most of the Brawlers attack normally (like Shelly in the tutorial). But a few Brawlers have a different way of attacking.

Dynamike and Barley, often called Lobbers, can throw their attacks over walls.

Mortis’ attack includes movement. He dashes forward and damages all enemies he hits.

Ways of dodging


It is the art of walking in a zigzag pattern. Works better against long rangers and some medium rangers, specifically those that shoot one bullet (Like Jessie, Spike, and Nita). While it can work against lobbers, it’s not as effective due to their AoE attack. Start zigzagging when you’re either pursuing a long ranger to get in range, or when you’re being targeted by one and want to get out of their range. Remember, don’t do this if you’re too close to your enemy.

This one works well against: Colt, Jessie, Brock, Ricochet, Piper, Spike

This one can work against: Nita, Barley, Bo

This one won’t work as well against: Dynamike, Pam, Tara, Crow

This one is most likely to fail against: Shelly, El Primo, Bull, Poco, Darryl, Mortis


This one works well on lobbers and some long rangers. Fool your enemy by tempting them to attack you by going in a single direction. As soon as you hear and see your enemy attacking, go back in the opposite direction, or make a hard turn in any other direction to evade getting hit. If you just go in a direction without your enemy attacking then turning the opposite direction your opponent might understand what you’re trying to do and predict you. Especially if you try to do this multiple times. However if pulled out correctly this works well against most brawlers. Have in mind that if you pull this out once or twice will work, while doing it multiple times in a row will make your movements predictable.

This one works well against: Colt, Jessie, Brock, Ricochet, Piper, Spike, Barley, Dynamike

This one can work against: Nita, Bo, Tara, Crow

This one won’t work as well against: Pam, Poco

This one is most likely to fail against: El Primo, Bull, Darryl, Shelly


This one is by far the riskiest one, but if pulled out correctly you can dodge almost anything. You basically have to be exactly at the same spot as your enemy and start circling around in ellipse patterns, like electrons around atoms or whatever. If you pull this out correctly, you can avoid almost anything. This one is by far the hardest one, and unless you practice it a lot, it is not recommended to do it. However, if you’re going against a tank and you think you have no chance of survival, you can try and do this one.

(This method will not work if your enemy uses Quick Fire)

This one can work against: Colt, Nita, Jessie, Ricochet, Poco, Pam, Spike, Shelly, El Primo, Bull, Brock, Bo, Darryl, Piper, Tara, Crow.

This one is most likely to fail against: Dynamike

This one WILL fail against: Barley, Mortis

Click here for an in-depth guide about dodging by u/Anger-exclamation.

Upgrading Brawlers

Brawl Stars has various in-game currencies. We will talk about Power Points (PPs) and Coins in this section.

Power Point

PPs are items that can be gained through Brawl Boxes and by buying them in the shop. Each Brawler has their own pool of Power Points. Once you get enough Power Points, you are able to upgrade them to the next Level. Better Brawl Boxes tend to give more Power Points to each Brawler. Once enough Power Points to get a Brawler to level 9 are collected, no more Power Points will be found for that Brawler. When all of the player’s unlocked Brawlers have the maximum amount of Power Points, Brawl Boxes will no longer contain Power Points, and more Coins will be awarded instead.


Coins are obtained from Brawl Boxes, trophy milestones, and from the Shop. They are used to either buy Daily Deals from the Shop or to upgrade Brawlers.

PPs are easily obtainable as you get them in every Brawl Box. Coins are also available in all Brawl Boxes but are more important than PPs as you need a lot of them to upgrade your Brawlers, buy PPs, Star Powers, etc.

The needs of every Brawler is different. Upgrade priority depends on the type of Brawler and your preference. Spend your coins wisely. If you like to use long range Brawlers, then you should upgrade them first. If you like brawlers with healing ability, then go for Poco or Pam.

Game Modes

There are eight different game modes (events) in Brawl Stars. 6 of them are ranked and 2 are unranked. All the events refresh periodically and give you keys whenever a new event starts.



Hunt the other team for Stars. More Stars on heads mean bigger bounties. The team with the most stars wins!

In the Bounty Event, there are two teams each of which consist of three players. The objective of the game mode is to have the most stars at the end of the 2 and a half minute match. Every player starts with a 2-star bounty which is displayed above the Brawler’s head. When a Brawler is killed, their bounty gets added to the score of the opposing team and the killer Brawler’s bounty increases by 1 star (up to 7). When a Brawler with more than two stars dies, their bounty is reset to 2 stars.

Useful Brawlers
  • Piper and Brock: The shots of these long ranged Brawlers pack a heavy punch. They can easily defeat most of the enemies in 3-4 shots, especially from a long distance (Piper).
  • Barley and Dynamike: These lobbers can hide behind obstacles and attack the opponents. They also have insanely high damage.
  • Tara: Her decent health and damage allows her to sneak up to an enemy and kill them easily. Her Super also helps in grouping the enemies, giving her team a chance to wipe all the enemies that get caught at once.
  • Colt and Ricochet: Using these two Brawlers needs more skill than using Piper or Brock but with enough practice, you can easily dominate Bounty with these Brawlers.
Quick Tips
  • The more kills you get, the more stars you collect.
  • Be alert. If you’ve a big bounty and die, the enemy team will get a huge reward.
  • Retreat if your team has an clear advantage. If the enemy can’t kill, they can’t win.

Brawl Ball

Take the ball to the opposing team’s goal to score! Match ends when one team scores two goals, or at full time.

In the Brawl Ball Event, there are two teams, each of which consists of three players. The objective here is to take the ball (which starts in the middle) to the opposite team’s goal. The team that scores two goals first wins, but a team can also win by having scored a higher amount of goals than the other when the timer ends. If the timer ends while the teams are tied, the game will go into overtime and all barriers will be destroyed. Brawlers can obtain the ball by getting close enough to it while no other Brawler has it. Attacking with the ball kicks it. Activating your Super and then kicking the ball makes it go further.

Useful Brawlers
  • Mortis: Using Mortis requires a lot of skill and practice. If you get the hang of his attack mechanism, then you can easily dash in, grab the ball, dribble it and score a goal.
  • Brock: His Super deals a lot of explosive damage and can be used to make a path in front of the enemy goal post. His long range also allows him to deal enemy Brawlers from a distance and support a teammate carrying the ball.
  • Poco: Poco’s attack is extremely widespread which allows him to deal with multiple Brawlers at once. His Super is also very useful as it can restore the health of his allies, allowing them to carry the ball to enemy post effectively.
  • Bull and Darryl: These tanks can reach the enemy goal post very quickly. Their high health and damage output also helps them stay alive longer, thus, allowing them to take a pass and score a goal.
  • Frank and El Primo: Both these tanks also great for Brawl Ball as they can sustain a lot of damage. Frank’s Super stuns the enemies, giving his allies a chance to score a goal. El Primo’s Super let’s him jump to far off places, giving him a chance to steal the ball from an enemy and quickly score a goal.
Quick Tips
  • Just like real soccer, Brawl Ball is a team game. The more you co-ordinate with your teammates, more you’ll be able to win.
  • Try to play Brawl Ball with friends/bandmates. You need to strategise a lot.
  • Assign different Brawlers different roles. One for attacking, one for defending and one supporting them both.
  • Since you can’t attack while you have the ball, intentionally passing the ball to the enemy is a great strategy as it’ll make them unable to attack.
  • Don’t pass the ball to an enemy with a lot of health (tanks) or an enemy near your goal post.

Duo Showdown

Take down the other four teams. If you are defeated, you will respawn in a while if your teammate is still alive!

Duo Showdown is just like regular Showdown, except you have a teammate battling with you. When an Elixir is gained from a box, it is shared between the two of you, meaning that if you gain 1 Elixir, your teammate will gain 1 Elixir as well. Elixir boosts the stats of your Brawlers during the game. There are four other pairs of Brawlers. Your goal is to take them out and be the last one standing. If your teammate would die, they will respawn after 15 seconds. Fallen teammates do not carry the Elixir that they previously had before death, so all respawned teammates start at 0 Elixir. If both teammates die, the game ends.

Useful Brawlers
  • Bo (with Star Power): With his Star Power, Bo and his teammate can see enemies from far away, giving them an upper hand over the enemies.
  • Tanks (Bull, Darryl and El Primo): With their high health and damage, they can defeat any Brawler in a close ranged, one-on-one Brawl. With support from a long ranger, they can be monstrous.
  • Frank: What makes Frank different from other tanks is his stun ability. With his stun, he and his teammate can cripple any foe.
  • Lobbers (Dynamike and Barley): Their attacks go over walls, allowing them to pressurise the strongest of teams.
  • Colt and Ricochet: They can take care of any foe with their long range and high damage.
Quick Tips
  • You and your teammate should not choose similar Brawlers. If one chooses a tank, then other should go for a lobber or ranged attacker. You’ll be able to deal with a lot of diverse teams this way.
  • You should play Duo Showdown with a friend/bandmate. If you play with randoms, you might end up having a similar Brawler on your team (like two tanks, lobbers, etc., together).
  • If you’re playing on a map with lots of elixir crates at a particular place, then one of your team (preferably a tank) should go for that elixir while the other one should be cautious and hide. Once they’ve got some elixir, team up and BRAWL!
  • If your teammate is killed then immediately retreat from a battle. If you also die, your team loses.

Gem Grab

The team that grabs and holds 10 crystals to the end of countdown wins. Don’t spill your crystals!

In the Gem Grab Event, there are two teams, each of which consists of 3 players. In the middle of the arena, there is a crystal mine which produces crystals every few seconds. The objective of the game mode is for your team to have 10 crystals. When a player dies, they will drop all of the crystals that they have picked up. Once a team has 10 crystals, a countdown will appear on screen which lasts 16 seconds. When the counter gets to 0, the team with the most crystals over 10 will win.

Useful Brawlers
  • Pam and Poco: Both of them can deal AoE damage and heal their allies. While Pam is more tanky, Poco’s heal isn’t confined to a fix area and he has higher damage.
  • Tara: Her Super can group enemy units and allow her team to take them all out at once. She’s also an effective crystal carrier due to her moderate health and dps.
  • Jessie and Bo: Jessie’s turret and Bo’s mine can help a lot in dominating the crystal mine.
  • Mortis: He is an effective crystal carrier as he can dash in, grab the crystals and run away easily. He can also reach an enemy with lot of crystals quickly.
Quick Tips
  • Controlling the area around the crystal mine is important early in the game. Keep enemy Brawlers away while your team collects the crystals as they appear.
  • If you hold many of your team’s crystals, do not push forward without back-up from your allied Brawlers.
  • Always protect your teammate with the most crystals.
  • If you’re a part of the losing team during countdown, then go for the player with most crystals.


Both teams try to break open each others’ safes before the time runs out!

In the Heist Event, there are two teams each of which consists of 3 players. On both teams’ sides of the arena, there is a safe with high health. The objective is to protect your safe while trying to destroy the opposing safe. If one safe is taken out, the game automatically goes to the team that destroyed the safe. If neither safe is destroyed, it will rely on the health of the safe. If one team’s safe has lower health than the other, that other team wins the game. If both safes have the exact same amount of health before the timer runs out, or when both safes are taken out at the exact same time, then it is a draw.

Useful Brawlers
  • Dynamike and Barley: Since they can attack over walls, they can be used to block the paths of approaching enemy Brawlers or hit the safe from far away.
  • Bull and Darryl: Their Supers allow them to get close to the enemy safe quickly. With their high health and damage output, they can deal a lot of damage to the enemy safe.
  • Jessie:  The turret from her Super can protect the safe from enemies or can be placed near the opposing safe to do a lot of damage over time.
  • El Primo: Like Bul and Darryl, his Super also him to reach the safe easily but he’s not as effective as Bull and Darryl.
Quick Tips
  • While teams are on offense, they should stay together to ensure that they can push through to the safe without getting picked off too easily.
  • Many Brawlers’ Supers can be used to destroy walls. Clearing the walls makes the enemy safe easier to reach and destroy. Be careful though, you may destroy the walls around your own safe too!
  • If you die, then before going for the enemy safe, make sure no one is approaching your safe!


Take down the other nine and be the last one standing. Use any means necessary, as you only have one life.

In the Showdown Event, there are 10 players. The objective of the game is to kill all of your opponents and be the last Brawler standing. When a player dies or when a crate is opened, a Power-Up will be dropped onto the floor. This increases the Brawler’s health by 400 and increases their attack damage by 10% for the duration of the match. The longer you survive, the greater the rewards. As the match progresses, a deadly poison gas blows in from the edges of the arena, forcing all Brawlers into a progressively smaller area.


Teaming is a very prevalent tactic in Showdown. Basically, two or more players form unofficial teams during the Brawl by spinning around in circles. If a player approaches you and starts spinning, then they want to form a team with you. To show them that you’re interested in making a team, you spin back. If you don’t want to form a team, then you can just ignore them by moving away or attacking them.

Teaming is highly condemned as it takes the fun out the game. Dynamikes and Barleys often form teams in Showdown and make winning for players using other Brawlers almost impossible. Dynamikes and Barley teams are very common on the map Stormy Plains.

Join the #StopTheTeam initiative to make Showdown GREAT again!

Note: These teams can be formed in Duo Showdown as well but very few players do that.

Useful Brawlers
  • Lobbers (Dynamike and Barley): They can deal massive damage from behind obstacles and (unfortunately) form unofficial teams with other Brawlers readily.
  • Bull and Darryl: Their high health and damage also them to take out most of the Brawlers in one-on-one fight.
  • Nita, Jessie and Penny: Their Supers summon a new unit which deals massive damage and also protects them.
  • Tara: Her wide range and damage makes her a very strong Brawler in SD. Her Super allows her to kill an evenly matched opponent instantly.
Quick Tips
  • If you’re using a low health Brawler, stay hidden in bushes and attack only when an opponent comes very near and/or has low health.
  • Picking up Power Ups can give you a huge advantage. Don’t get reckless though, the Power Ups aren’t a substitute for strategic play.
  • If your opponent Brawlers are too strong, then hide as much as you can. Let them kill/weaken each other.
  • You earn trophies for getting in the top 5.


Boss Fight

Five players attempt to defeat one player’s BOSS Brawler as quickly as possible!

In the Boss Fight Event, five players battle one player’s “Boss” Brawler. The Boss has very high health, improved damage output, and enhanced abilities, but their ability to self-heal is removed. Instead, the Boss has a health decay that removes a couple hundred health every second. The Boss “wins” the mode by surviving past 2 minutes and 5 seconds, for which they receive the most Keys. Likewise, the normal players win by defeating the Boss in under 2 minutes and 5 seconds. Because of the health decay, the maximum survival time of The Boss if they were not to be damaged at all by the opposing team would be about 5 minutes. This is an unranked mode, so Trophies cannot be earned or lost.

Useful Brawlers

Against the Boss

  • Bull, El Primo and Darryl: These tanks have high health and damage output which allows them to stay on the field longer and deal more damage. Their Supers allow them to get away from the Boss when low on health.
  • Frank: Although Frank’s high health damage allows him to deal decent damage to the Boss, he shines mostly because of the Stun effect of his Super.
  • Tara and Shelly: Their Super works as a pseudo-stun, as it immobilizes the boss for a very short period of time, allowing your teammates to use their supers against it. Shelly is especially powerful against the Boss, as she can “stack up” multiple supers in a very short period of time.
  • Spike: Despite his low health, Spike can be very effective against a Boss as his slows down the Boss and deals damage over time.
  • Jessie, Nita and Penny: Their Supers spawn units which have a huge damage buff and so can deal heavy damage to the Boss and distract him at the same time.

As the Boss

  • Tara: Her Super ability allows her to group all the enemy Brawlers together. She can easily kill most of the Brawlers together in just 2 attacks.
  • Mortis: His speed buff allows him to easily run away from the enemies. He also has decent damage output which allows him kill enemies while running around!
  • Dynamike and Barley: Even though these lobbers don’t have high health, their insane damage makes up for it.
  • Jessie, Nita and Penny: Units spawned by their Supers have a huge damage buff which can help keeping the enemies at bay.
Quick Tips

Against the Boss

  • Try to attack the Boss from different directions. It’ll confuse the Boss and they won’t be able to attack all of the 5 brawlers at once.
  • Don’t be afraid of dying. You just need to attack the Boss as much as you possibly can!
  • Try to attack the Boss together with other brawlers. The Boss will be overwhelmed by the continuous attacks.

As the Boss

  • Try to run away as much as you can. Keep hiding in bushes and use your attack only if an enemy is dangerously close!
  • Healing is nerfed for Bosses. Don’t choose Poco or Pam in this game mode.
  • Try to pick off 1 or 2 brawlers at a time if you can’t run away.
  • Don’t use your Super recklessly. You should use your Super when you’re confronted by an enemy group.

Robo Rumble

Defend the safe from killer robots! The longer you defend, the better the reward!

In the Robo Rumble Event, three players battle against many waves of robot enemies to protect a safe. The first wave starts immediately and each wave lasts 13 seconds after that. There are four types of robot, a “melee robot” with high health and fast attacking speed but low range, a “shooter robot” with low health, slow shooting speed but high range, a “mini robot” with low hitpoints, medium attacking speed but high movement speed, and a “boss robot” with very high hitpoints and damage. The boss robot has a melee attack or can shoot rockets, and one arrives every 7 waves. After a boss robot arrives, all robots after that have increased health and damage. Robo Rumble is an unranked mode, so Trophies cannot be earned or lost.

Useful Brawlers
  • Mortis: Mortis is undoubtedly the best Brawler to use in Robo Rumble right now. When using Mortis, try to make all the Robots follow you without getting hit. Robots will be unable to kill him because of his high movement speed.
  • Frank: His Super can stun the enemies, allowing him DPS allies to take them out easily.
  • Colt and Ricochet: They can take out the Robots easily with their high DPS and range.
  • Tara: Her Super can group the Robots, allowing Brawlers like Colt and Ricochet to kill them easily.
  • Spike: His spikes can damage multiple Robots at once and his Super can also slow them down.
Quick Tips
  • Respawn time is 10 seconds instead of the normal 5, so it is important to stay alive.
  • Don’t be separated from your team. Try to stay close and destroy as much robots as you can.
  • Always keep the Robots as far from your safe as possible. Colt and Ricochet can kite the Boss easily with their long range.

Currencies and Brawl Box



Keys can be earned by participating in any game mode. They are also awarded whenever a new event opens. Keys are used to open Brawl Boxes. Key Doublers can be bought in the Shop with Gems to double the amount of Keys earned from playing matches.

10 Keys are awarded when a new Events starts. Keys are also awarded upon completion of a Brawl from your Key bank. Key back can hold 100 Keys at a time and Keys are re-added to the back over time. Whenever a Brawler ranks up, 10 Keys are awarded. 20 Keys are awarded when you gain an experience level.

A Star Key is awarded for winning an Event for the first time during a rotation. Star Keys can be used to get a Big Brawl Box after 10 Star Keys are collected.


Tickets are used to enter unranked special Events, which are open every weekend. The unranked events are Boss Fight and Robo Rumble. To enter an event, you can spend tickets — the Key reward you recieve at the end of the match is multiplied by the number of tickets you used to enter. You receive 2 free Tickets when a new special event starts, similar to how you are awarded free Keys when a normal event starts. Tickets can be found in Brawl Boxes or bought from the shop.

Gems are the rarest of all the currencies. They can be used for buying Brawlers skins, Tickets, Brawl Boxes, Key Doublers and Coins.

Brawl Boxes

Brawl Boxes are the main way of obtaining Brawlers and other items. One regular Brawl Box can be bought for 10 Gems or 100 Keys. Brawl Boxes can contain Coins, Power Points, new Brawlers, Key Doublers, Gems, and Tickets. Duplicate Brawlers are not received, and once enough Power Points to get a Brawler to level 9 are collected, no more Power Points will be found for that Brawler. When all of the player’s unlocked Brawlers have the maximum amount of Power Points, Brawl Boxes will no longer contain Power Points, and more Coins will be awarded instead.

Mega Box

Big and Mega Boxes can also be bought from the Shop for 30 and 80 Gems respectively. A Big Boxes have 3 times more goodies than the regular Brawl Boxes and the Mega Boxes have 10 times more goodies, so it is a much better value to buy these with Gems rather than individual boxes.

Big Boxes can also be opened by collecting 10 Star Keys.

In the shop, the odds of every drop chance is shown in detail. You can access them by clicking on a box as if you were to buy it (you don’t have to buy it in order to access the list), and then tap on the box icon on the top left.


Trophies and Leaderboards

TrophyThe trophy system in Brawl Stars is somewhat different than other Supercell games. Like other games, you gain trophies by winning Brawls and lose trophies if you lose the match. The difference is that each Brawler has its own trophies. You’ll win or lose trophies only for the Brawler you’re playing with. Individual trophies of your Brawlers add up to your total trophies.

If your Brawler is below 20 trophies, then you won’t lose any trophies for losing. Also, playing Friendly Brawls doesn’t affect your trophies.

There are multiple leaderboards in Brawl Stars. Each Brawler has its own individual leaderboards where players are ranked by continent and nationally based on how many Trophies that they hold with that Brawler. There is one main leaderboard that is based on total trophies and one Band leaderboard.


A Brawler’s individual Trophy count determines its Rank. Each time your Brawler reaches the next Rank, 10 Keys are awarded. Once a Rank is reached, the Brawler cannot be demoted to a lower Rank, so each Brawler can only reach a Rank once and get the Key reward once.

As you reach higher Ranks, the ratio of Trophies won from victory to Trophies lost from defeat decreases. At lower trophies, this ratio is greater than one and at higher trophies, it’s less than one.


Bands are social groups within the game that players can join to chat and join rooms to Brawl together. Bands can be created or joined from the game’s Social tab. Bands also have their own leaderboards based on Bands’ Trophy scores. A Band’s Trophy score is calculated using the individual Trophy counts of the Band’s members. Each Band can have up to 100 members.

You can advertise your game room to your band members directly from the game room.

Key Doublers

Key Doubler

Key Doublers can be the shop to increase the amount of Keys earned while playing. This booster costs 50 Gems and doubles the next 1,000 Coins received at the end of any match. Key Doublers can also be found occasionally in Brawl Boxes, but these will only double 200 Keys

League RewardsStar

Rewards can be earned for reaching certain Trophy milestones for the first time. These rewards include Brawlers, New Events to play, Brawl Boxes, Power Points, and Coins.

Event Rotation

There are four Event slots on the Brawl tab,so you can have up to four Events available at once when you unlock all four slots from Trophy League rewards. Events rotate every so often. The time before the next rotation for an Event Slot is displayed in that slot. When that time is reached, a new Event begins and a free 10 Keys can be claimed by simply tapping the Event slot. Winning an Event for the first time during a rotation also awards a Star Key which can be used to get a Big Brawl Box after 10 Star Keys are collected.

In addition to the normal Events, a Special Event opens every weekend in the fourth event slot. These events require Tickets to participate in which can be obtained by opening Brawl Boxes or bought from the shop. These events award a lot of Keys, even when the Key bank is empty.

Season Reset

Brawl Stars has seasons 14 days long. At the end of every season, you get coins as reward based on your trophies and the trophies of your Brawler with most trophies. In addition, each Brawler that holds more than 500 Trophies will lose 50% of their trophies above 500.

So, that’s it for this guide! I hope it helped you get started with Brawl Stars. If you want me to add anything up here, please let me know via comments.

Guide by Frosty.

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