Hi Brawlers! These last few weeks have been full of both gameplay and character changes as Brawl Stars grows ever closer to the worldwide release. On July 6th, a new wave of changes were rolled out, including a nerf to Piper and many good quality of life changes. Lets dive right in!


Character Balance Changes:


Piper was quite strong in the hands of skilled players, and the developers believed that she could use her Super to escape danger a bit too often. After this change, Piper’s super recharges 25% slower, meaning she won’t be able to flee quite as readily. In my opinion, this was a very well-thought out change. Piper now has the same power as a long range character, however she is not able to be as reliant on her “get out of jail free card.” This should lower her overall effectiveness in modes such as Bounty where the primary objective is to survive to conserve crowns.


Gameplay Changes:


In lower trophy Showdown games, players will now lose slightly less trophies when they place low. According to the developers, this change takes effect for players whose current character has less than 70 trophies.

Game Mode Rotation:

As of now, Double XP events will now take place every 4 days. Prior to this change, the Double XP events took place on Saturday and Sunday. In addition, Double XP events will now also give slightly more coins.


Gem packs in the shop now provide roughly 50% more gems, greatly increasing the value of real world money ingame. This should entice players to buy more gems, while helping them to get more bang for their buck. Those who spent hundreds of dollars on the game prior to this, we will keep you in our hearts. In addition, all skins are now cheaper. Skins that were previously 50 gems have dropped to 20 for each. However, El Primo’s new skin “El Rey” is the old price of 50 gems.


Chips have undergone several changes, both to make them easier to accumulate and to help players not need as many to unlock their favorite brawlers. Epic brawlers now cost 60 chips from 70, a small change which makes them a little more accessible. When finding a duplicate Epic brawler in a Brawl Box, players now receive 10 chips, up from 5. Excitingly, Legendary brawlers now cost 500 chips, a 100 chip decrease in price! In addition, players will be rewarded with 60 chips when they find a duplicate Legendary brawler, a huge 50 chip rise!


What Do These Changes Mean for Players?

Many of these changes seemed to benefit free to play players, such as the chip changes, or players that don’t intend on spending exorbitant amounts of money on the game. At the release of the game, many players complained that Brawl Stars skewed unfairly in the direction of those with cash to spend, and it’s nice to see that Supercell and the Brawl Stars team are taking steps to ensure that this is not the case. Brawl Stars is no perfect game. However, if we keep heading in this direction, it may well turn out to be.

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