Hello Brawlers, I hope you all have already created a Canadian app store account and have already started playing the new Supercell title, Brawl Stars. The game needs no introduction as it is already a raging hit amongst mobile gamers for a beta version. Just a few hours ago, Brawl Stars developers announced the first major maintenance update which is coming soon. The developers have closely examined the battles played over the last four days and they have come up with the list of changes for this important round of maintenance. In this article, I am going to list out all the changes that are coming to the game and my thoughts about it.


Character Balance

First of all, let us look at the changes that are coming to the Brawlers themselves. Brawlers are the integral part of the game and changes to the brawlers will be the first thing we would expect to hear.


First up, Nita’s Special power the Bear gets a small nerf. The hit points are reduced from 1200 to 1000. I feel it’s right because most of the time I always felt helpless being chased by the giant and it gave an upper hand to the player using Nita, especially in showdown mode. Even though Bear’s hit points are reduced, the health decay of Bear is now going to be removed. So after the balance changes, the only way you can get rid of the Bear is by killing him. You cannot just wait for his health to decay.


Up next, health decay of Jessie’s turret is to be removed. This may not sound like a big thing on paper but my personal opinion is this change will highly influence the heist and bounty game modes.


Ricochet will now shoot one additional bullet along with the three bullets he’s firing already for his normal attack. This may be because of the fact that Ricochet does not really have many hit points to deal his opponents. We will have to wait and see the impact of the fourth bullet.


Dynamike’s original attack damage is increased from 140 to 160. Think this change is here mainly because the attack rate of Dynamike is already slow and from what I’ve seen so far, he’s not one of the most used brawler. This buff should help him.


Poco’s attack range is reduced by 15%. This is one of the changes that I expected as it’s almost impossible to get rid of his normal attack with such a range. I also noticed that most of the matches favoured the players with Poco. This reduction in range should level him. Also, another change coming to Poco is that his super ability will now be able to penetrate through walls and heal his teammates through them. This particular change will heavily encourage using Poco in 3 v 3 game modes.


Map Changes

Changes to the maps will directly affect the gameplay and results of the games. Small changes are coming to the existing maps.

Heist game mode maps are getting a change up first because the existing maps favored the attackers most of the time. Many of the times I noticed teams with brawlers who can do range attacks winning the games easily in Heist mode. These terrain changes hopefully will fix that.

The amount of bushes in the stormy plains map of showdown mode to be reduced. This will force players to hide less in the bushes and move around more. This change will also make the showdown mode more competitive.


Rewards Changes

The developer team replied to the fans in their Reddit post that the current rewards system does not allow the new players to progress smoothly. They’re getting to unlock new Brawl characters even before they play and understand their already unlocked Brawlers fully. Hence, here comes the changes to the event rewards.

Event slot one will now offer 60 coins instead of 80. New event coin reward will be 8 instead of 12. First win bonus in the event slot one also to be changed to 8 from 12.

Event slot two reward is not changed. It would still offer the same 40 gold as it is. But the new event reward in this slot will now be offering coins instead of 12. First win reward also changed from 12 to 8.

Event slot three maximum coin reward changed from 12 to 16.

Event slot four will now offer 16 gold coins instead of 20. The Supercell team also stated that the current rewards system is offering 208 coins for an average F2P player per day while the same player will be getting 180 coins after the maintenance.

These event rewards are not so big or game changing and also it will also help the players to get to play with their already unlocked characters for quite some time and get to know it fully before unlocking the new one.


Bug Fixes

We should understand that the game is still in very early beta. And of course, there will be many bugs which will be rectified as we keep giving our valuable feedbacks. So along with the first round of balance changes, quite a few bug fixes are also coming. Let’s have a look.

This was one of the most popular early bug in the game. Star player calculation from events will now be fixed so that the best player from the event only will get the award.

Many Reddit users we’re not happy with Heist Mode matchmaking. They were complaining about playing in defense lot of a time. Now a bug fix is coming for the Heist mode matchmaking.

Sometimes matchmaking screen showed no.of players more than the maximum number of players actually required for the event. That is also getting fixed now.

Some of the Bands did have more than 50 players in them. That will also be fixed in the upcoming maintenance update.


Hang in there Android Users!

The Brawl Stars developer team commented on a Reddit post and said that the Android version of the game is still under development and at this stage, it has many errors which would obviously affect the user experience. So hang in there guys, we are not far away from Android beta.


Let us know your thoughts about the upcoming balance changes in the comments.




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