After nearly two months Brawl Stars finally got a new set of balance changes, which we’ll discuss in this post. It took us a while to make this post as we hosted a debate on our new discussion discord server about these balance changes to get feedback from the community. Anyways, let’s begin with the post. We’ll start with the buffs and make our way to the nerfs.



Change: Increased main attack damage from 220 > 240 ~ 9.1% buff


Pam needed a buff for a very long time but this wasn’t what she needed. Even after these balance changes, Pam continues to be the least used Brawler. She is rarely used outside Gem Grab, Showdown or Robo Rumble and her use rates are declining even in Gem Grab because of her arch-rival, Poco. Poco is better than Pam as he deals a lot of damage to multiple Brawlers very quickly. Pam would’ve been better with a reload or attack speed buff.




Change: Increased main attack damage from 780 > 820 ~ 5.1% buff

Jessie needed a buff too, but just like Pam, she didn’t need a damage buff. Jessie’s main strength is her turret and not her main attack. It takes her a long time to get her turret ready as her reload speed is low and the high number of hits required to charge the Super is big. A buff to her reload speed would’ve made her a better Brawler in all game modes. She would be able to deal damage to the enemy quickly and set her turret up to aid her even more.



Change: Increased main attack range from 5.67 tiles > 6.33 tiles ~ 11.6% buff | Increased super range from 6.67 tiles > 7.33 tiles ~ 10% buff

Did you think I was saving this one for the last? Haha, no. We all know what I’ve to say about this buff. Frankly, Frank was balanced before he got the buff. He didn’t even need a single buff but he got two. The increase in Frank’s range has made him unstoppable and very hard to counter. His Super can even destroy two layers of walls in some Brawl Ball maps! If Supercell really wanted to give this Caveman some love, then they should’ve increased his attack speed slightly. Instead, they turned him into a monster.



Change: Increased main attack damage from 800 > 840 ~ 5% buff | Coin burst now pierces enemies

This is probably the only balanced balance change of all. Penny was quite underwhelming in some game modes, not because she was weak, but because other Brawlers were considerably better than her. With an increase to her main attack and the newfound ability to pierce enemies with her coins, Penny has become a great Brawler. At this point, she is quite balanced except in some Showdown maps like Thousand Lakes.



Change: Increased super explosion delay from 1.1s > 1.3s ~ 18.2% nerf

Despite what most people think, this nerf would change a lot of interactions with low range Brawlers. Dynamike is still somewhat OP because his main attack deals a whopping 1520 damage! A small nerf to his attack should make him a balanced lobber and reduce teaming in Showdown to some extent.



Change: Decreased main attack damage from 700 > 660 ~ 5.7% nerf

This nerf will mostly change interactions with high health brawlers.
Poco was (and is still) OP because he deals a lot of damage quickly. Poco needed a reload speed nerf instead of a damage nerf in my opinion. His fast reload speed is one of the main reasons this support Brawler has become a jack of all trades.


Simply put, I feel that the wrong stats of characters were changes in these Balance Changes. Most of these changes weren’t perfect but don’t break the game as bad as the Frank buff does. Frank has become an armored beast which can’t be taken down by most of the Brawlers in a fair fight. Dynamike and Poco still need small nerfs whereas Pam and Jessie need a better. Penny isn’t perfect but she will not need another change for a while now.

That sums up this post, Brawlers. If you’ve different opinions, then feel free to share them in comments below. You can join our Discussion Central server for more such discussions on numerous Brawl Stars topics.


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