Today, we’ll be talking about Star Powers of different Brawlers, and we’ll give our thoughts on them. This post was brought to you by Puzzles, Alpha, SomeSillyName and Arius. Without further delay, let’s get started.

Shell Shock

Considering that this was a last minute Star Power, this is actually really good. Sure, we would have preferred a pet instead, and it might seem a little “boring” (SomeSillyName), but this little freeze ability will really help Shelly (and her teammates) finish off enemies, especially since they twere hit by the Super to begin with. There will be almost no chance for them to escape when cornered, unless they have some back up; if they are all affected, then it will be a smooth wipe out of the entire opposing team for Shelly.

Slick Boots

If Colt wasn’t agile before, he sure will be now. Not as fast as Crow, of course, but faster than the rest of the Brawlers, and that does affect those who go up against Colt. Like SomeSillyName said, “this Super synergizes with his attack and super by allowing him to keep his bullets on track with his enemies more easily. However, still requires skill to make the best possible use of it.”

Bear With Me

Although this is pretty unique and interesting, the fact that the Bear is relatively slow means that Nita will not benefit as much from this Star Power. Of course, if played right, Nita and her Bear could stay alive the whole entire match.


This is a really nice upgrade to Dynamike. An odd Star Power, to tell you the truth, but a really interesting one, that will surely help Dynamike escape, dodge, and even destroy opponents. This makes his Super all the more powerful and dangerous, so when you see him throw the bomb, it’s time to make some room!

El Fuego

El Primo’s Star Power is not as interesting as the others, but if you can hit all of your enemies, with the back up from your team, you will get some sweet value from this Star Power.


This Star Power, like my friend SomeSillyName said, doesn’t really help Bull. His Super is still the same (he will still run to the gas in Showdown), and his reload speed probably won’t be the difference between a win or a loss, life or death, or anything in particular. There are some cases where this could help, but to the average player, you won’t even notice this ability.


Extra damage is always welcome, but it’s kind of sad that this ability won’t affect his Super. That being said, it would have made Brock even more powerful than he really should be. Overall, this will help Brock players and teammates trap enemies in corners, as they won’t have an escape route without burning or being shot.

Medical Use

Another ability related to healing. I (Arius) have mixed thoughts about this. Sure, it will be awesome to be able to healing yourself every time you attack, but it can make Barley invincible. He is undoubtedly one of the strongest Brawlers right now, and I think his use rates will only increase now. Although, it is possible Supercell thought about this already, and with the new balances changed coming, they will need Barley to make balanced.


Jessie is one of my (Puzzles) favorite Brawlers in the game, and so I am glad that Jessie is getting such a nice ability. Sadly, Piper, Colt, Brock, Ricochet, long range Brawlers overall, can obliterate her Turret before Jessie can completely heal her, so for most of us that Star Power will be often useless.

Super Bouncy

This one sounds really effective. You’ll be able to deal some extra damage with Ricochet and that’ll make him on par with Colt, plus you will still have the classical ability to flank!

Swan Song

Friendly Brawlers around him recover 1000 health! And another healing Star Power. Since Poco is all about heal, this isn’t a big problem. It’s actually a great Star Power, and will even make your death count to something!

Circling Eagle

Having the ability to see Brawlers in the bushes would be really awesome. You can track their movements and launch an all-out attack on them while they think that they are invisible. This nice perk is shared by teammates too, and this just takes it up a notch!

Steel Hoops

This new Brawler comes out with a unique Star Power. This may seem like healing, but this is not healing. It is shielding. Although it might not be helpful most of the times, but you know that you can protect yourself in crisis with your Super.


Piper will be able to deal more damage than ever, thanks to her Star Power! This may not seem too much, but it’ll be very useful to take out enemies quickly. After all, extra damage is always good, isn’t it? The only problem with this Star Power is that you will have to stay hidden under a bush. As a Piper, you don’t really get the chances to hide in a bush. You have to get in the front and shoot enemies. I hope that this Star Power brings about some cool Piper strategies changes.

Mama’s Hug

Mama J got more healing abilities! With every hit, you will give a health boost of 30 to your team. I think that this is very weak, as 30 hp will go around unnoticed. All the statistics (health, damage, Super) have been multiplied by 6 to make balancing easier. 30 looks really small compared the new health and damage of Brawlers. Maybe we will see a buff to this Star Power soon?

Creepy Harvest

This is more powerful version of Mortis’ Super. But this one is much more effective. You will get a health boost for every enemy Brawler that dies. No more running around for Mortis, only reaping!

Black Portal

Although the Mini Tara doesn’t have that much health or doesn’t deal too much damage, if placed correctly, Tara’s little pet can help her trap her enemies. And let’s not forget how devastating her Super is by herself, especially combined with other Brawlers’ Supers.


It’s time for Spike to make an amazing comeback, and what better way than to make his Super a healing station as well as having it deal damage to opponents? 600 HP per second is a huge boost, and this enables Spike to last longer in the match and to deal more damage to his enemies before dying, which is always welcomed to us Spike players.

Extra Toxic

A damage decrease makes Crow’s opponents that more vulnerable to him, without mentioning his great speed and poisonous attack. In addition, when Crow jumps he won’t be in the air as much as he used to do it, making it hard for enemies to predict where he’ll land and kill him right as he lands.

Thank you for sticking to the end of the post. I hope you like it! 🙂


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