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Brawl Stars Global Release Prediction

Ever since the game was released a couple of months ago, fans around the globe have been wondering when Supercell will finally release the game worldwide. Today, I will make some predictions on when they will do so based on some information that we have from previous games.


Supercell’s Games

Supercell has created many games ranging from successful ones to the ones that were terminated immediately. Let’s take a look at a lot of their games.

The “Successful” Games:

  • Clash of Clan
  • Clash Royale
  • Boom Beach
  • Hay Day

The “Discontinued” Games:

  • Spooky Pop
  • Gunshine
  • Smash Land
  • Pets vs Orcs
  • Battle Buddies
Image result for pets vs orcs
Pets vs Orcs is one of the many games that Supercell has discontinued.

A lot of the games that they created were discontinued due to them not getting the love that their other games got. Plus, Supercell has a reputation for being one of the best mobile game creators in the world, so they were fearful that their reputation could be perished due to the release of an incomplete game.


Global Or Not?

Why Brawl Stars Might go Global

Brawl Stars has only been released on iOS for Candian accounts. Brawl Stars has become quite popular, definitely more popular than the games that Supercell has discontinued. The amount of work that the developing team is putting into Brawl Stars makes me confident that the game will go global. From new characters and lots of work on the game to their focus on social media, I think that Supercell has invested way too much to go back now. It also seems that Supercell has made quite a bit of money from the game, due to many fans who purchased gems so that they could help improve their brawlers’ statistics and purchase skins. Fans of other successful Supercell games, like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, also seem to enjoy Brawl Stars. Perhaps these are all signs that the game will be available all around the world very soon.


Why Brawl Stars Might be Discontinued

Brawl Stars still has a lot of things that it needs to be fixed before it goes global. Releasing the game globally, while the game is still in this condition, could cause the game to be unsuccessful. The matchmaking is broken, teaming in Showdown is unfair, and the rewards from brawl boxes are not satisfying for many players. Another problem is that it can just become boring. After getting all your coins from the different game modes, many fans believe that there is no point of playing anymore until a new game mode comes out. However, Supercell knows about these issues and in my opinion, are perfectly able to do what needs to be done to get the game global.

Image result for canadian el primo
Currently, Brawl Stars is only available on iOS for those with Candian Apple IDs.


Global Release Prediction

From the amount of support this game has been getting, I confidently believe that it will be released worldwide. On Reddit, Supercell did say that when the game team feels that the game is ready, it will be released globally. The Brawl Stars team has already released their first set of balance changes a few weeks ago and if they keep it up, I think the game will be released in mid- to late-September for all fans around the world to enjoy.



Hope you enjoyed this article! If you’d like more information on whether the game will go global or be sent to the graveyard, click here to find out!

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3 thoughts on “Brawl Stars Global Release Prediction

  1. It is now October and still brawl stars didn’t release worldwide.
    I have played the game and i can honestly say the main problem in brawl stars is in showdown.It is unfair matches in showdown.The players are teaming with another players by rotating their character
    and communicate with him.So players who are playing brawl stars and want to play in future ,please stop using team up trick
    so supercell could release worldwide soon………….

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