Spike is one of the two legendary Brawlers in Supercell’s latest game, Brawl Stars. Although he works best with certain team compositions, the cactus Brawler is very lethal when used correctly. With the instruction from this guide, you’ll be able to make Spike live up to the title of being a legendary brawler in no time! Let’s begin!



Description: “This strange desert dweller is the last of its kind. Or is he…?”

Type: Ranged

Health: 600

Speed: 2.5 Tiles Per Second

Range: 7 Tiles

Skins: Pinky

Rarity: Legendary

Primary Attack: Spike throws a small cactus that explodes, shooting spikes in different directions. Each spike deals 120 damage.

Super: Spike invites all seedlings to a cactus party! Enemies caught in the area take 100 damage per second and get slowed down.



  • Super is able to slow down enemy brawlers
  • Hard for enemies to dodge attacks
  • Great crowd control



  • Has low health
  • Less effective when in the open




Showdown isn’t exactly something that Spike excels in, but he isn’t that bad at the same time. Although there are a ton of walls in all Showdown maps, it’s still close combat, something that Spike suffers from. His main strength is crowd control, but there is nothing to control in Showdown so Spike isn’t that good of an option. If you are using Spike for trophy pushing, then make sure to always keep your distance from brawlers like El Primo & Mortis. Additionally, many other low-health brawlers are good to team with, since they usually underestimate you. This seems to be a common theme with legendaries, and that’s probably because not that many people have them. So use this underestimation to your advantage and you could kill a Barley, for example quite quickly.

My Rating: 6/10



Similar to Crow, Spike is only a viable option on defense. His incredible crowd control denies opposing brawlers easy access to the safe and they really have to work for it. Spike makes damaging the safe much harder for enemies, but when it comes to him trying to destroy it, that’s where there’s a problem. Spike cannot hit enemies over walls, and neither can he break walls. He isn’t a tank so he can’t run into the enemy base and hit the safe, so he’s kind of useless on offense. The thing he is good at on offense is slowing enemy brawlers in an attempt to let your teammates make it to the safe alive. Other than that, he doesn’t have much use on offense.

My Rating: 6/10



When it comes to maps such as Temple Ruins, Outlaw Camp & Star Gulch Spike does pretty well. All these maps have a decent amount of walls to Spike can always retreat behind them and stay safe from the enemy. However, when it comes to the other maps, there are too many bushes and too little walls. Spike is not too good in close combat, so a Shelly, El Primo or Bull would make quick work of him in Snake Prairie, for example.

My Rating: 8/10


Gem Grab

In this event, Spike earns a perfect 10/10 due to his outstanding crowd control. If you are a good Spike player, your opponents will find it very difficult to take control of the center. The main strategy in Gem Grab is to stick behind the walls, and whenever the enemy approaches the center quickly go in the open and fire a few shots. It’s almost guaranteed to hit the opponent due to his amazing accuracy. If the entire enemy team is in the center then use your Super and demolish them. It will slow them down, allowing your teammates to finish them off and turn the tables within a few seconds. That’s game-changing.

My Rating: 10/10


Upgrade Priorities

  1. Super – Priority number one goes to the Super this time. Spikes Super is just so good when it comes to crowd control. I would even go as far as to say that he is the best in terms of crown control. Upgrade your Super first since slowing down your enemies and dealing DoT will help charge towards another Super and quickly turn the tides.
  2. Attack – Having even more powerful attacks will help charge your Super even quicker, and in general, deal even more damage. Some might not realize this, but Spike can actually deal quite a lot amount of damage. It’s not too hard to hit your opponents, and the range is decent.
  3. Health – You should invest elixir in this last since its the least useful of the 3. 30 Health per upgrade really isn’t going to make much of a difference, especially since you are mostly hiding behind walls and avoiding enemies.



Ultimately, Spike is meant to be a crowd controller. He is a great team player and provides a lot of utility. Obviously, he synergizes the best with Gem Grab by controlling the center, but he isn’t that bad in other situations as well. With an overall rating of 7.5, I would say Spike is good, well-rounded brawler and Supercell did a great job when making this character. He’s very unique, and not too OP or underwhelming at the same time.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10



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