Coins are by far the most useful currency in Brawl Stars at the moment. Unless of course, you have chosen to spend real, actual, legitimate money to purchase gems. In that case, gems are much more useful. For the purpose of this article, let’s assume that you have decided to take the “free to play” route. Now, how do you decide whether to spend or save your valuable coins? We’re going to explore the pros and cons of both methods.

As you progress through the game brawl boxes tend to become more and more frustrating. After collecting all the common and rare brawlers, you start to cringe in fear before even opening a brawl box. You know what’s coming. The inevitable chips or elixir. It seems more likely that the sun will explode before you get an epic or legendary brawler. After awhile, you may start to rage.

That’s okay, it happens to the best of us. So, some players have decided to save up their coins in the hopes that Supercell decides to rework the brawl box drop rates to make it easier to receive epic and legendary brawlers. However, other players feel it’s a waste to not spend coins immediately, just because of that little chance that you do get lucky. Let’s dive in and analyze both sides of the argument!


Saving Coins



  • Possibility of Higher Epic and Legendary Brawler Drop Rates – Supercell has hinted at possible changes to the brawl box system. I don’t anticipate Supercell making it any harder to acquire epics and legendaries than it already is, so the only other change they could make is making it easier to receive epics and legendaries. However, we can only guess when these changes will come. It could be next week or it could next year. Only time will tell. It’s up to you to decide how long you’re willing to wait before you finally give in and spend all those coins.



  • Satisfaction – Having a lot of coins is actually a pretty great feeling. Opening your Brawl Stars application to see your coin value at a four digit number makes you warm and nice on the inside. Not everyone enjoys this as much as others, but do whatever makes you happy.



  • No Elixir 🙁 – If you’re not opening any brawl boxes, then you’re not gaining any elixir. Elixir can give a vital edge in high trophy level matches. Without it, your opponents take the advantage by using elixir to boost their brawlers’ stats. This doesn’t mean you can’t win matches without elixir, because you definitely can. However, this should be considered when determining how to use your coins.
  • No Chance of New Brawlers – Similar to the above argument, if you’re not opening brawl boxes, then there’s no way that you can receive new brawlers. Even though the chances of acquiring an epic or legendary brawler seem impossibly low, there’s still a chance that you do get an epic or legendary brawler. Of course, if you choose to save your coins, you still have a chance to receive a new brawler when you do decide to spend your coins to open brawl boxes. However, many see this as a waste of time during which you could have been grinding with a new brawler. Again, the choice is up to you.
  • Boredom – Without the slight thrill of opening brawl boxes, the game starts to get a bit dull. Some players can grind through the boredom, while others need to reward themselves with a brawl box opening.


Note: The pros of spending will seem quite similar to the cons of saving because they are essentially opposites. The same is true for the cons of spending and the pros of saving. Sorry if it seems a bit repetitive.


Spending Coins




  • Chance of New Brawler – Each brawl box you open gives you a chance at a new brawler and this chance should not be taken lightly. It is important to determine how much this chance is worth to you when deciding how to use your coins.


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  • Elixir Advantage – After opening multiple brawl boxes, you undoubtedly will have some elixir at your disposal. You can use this to gain an advantage over other brawlers.
  • Reward Yourself – Opening brawl boxes is one of the few rewarding experiences in the game currently. This feeling should not be overlooked when making your decision.



  • Possible Waste if Drop Rates Improve – Supercell will most likely mess with the brawl box drop rates and algorithms. How substantial these changes will be remains to be seen. If the drop rates of epic and legendary brawlers increase a good amount then you might have wasted a lot of coins trying to get a new brawler before the updates.


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  • Small Amount of Coins in Inventory – If you’re always buying a brawl box whenever you hit 100 coins you will undoubtedly have a very low amount of coins in your inventory at any given time. This currently isn’t an issue at all, but if Supercell adds a new way to spend coins you may have to grind for awhile to earn enough coins to try out the new feature. This may not pose a problem for players who are quite skilled at earning coins, but the collection of coins becomes more difficult as you progress throughout the game. Although this seems unlikely, you should still consider this when choosing what to do with your coins.


I hope that this article will help you decide whether to save or spend your coins. Just remember — no matter which route you chose, good luck and keep brawling!

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