The Brawl Stars development team hosted a brief “Ask me anything” session on Reddit. I’m going to recap some of the questions and discuss what we’ve learned about the future of the game.

If you’d like to view the original Reddit posts here’s a link:

Hey everybody, we’re the Brawl Stars Dev Team! Ask us Anything! from Brawlstars

Bounty Rework

The Brawl Stars team hinted at possibly making the starting bounty two stars instead of one. This would cause all kills to result in a positive star trade. Hopefully, this will ease the pain of those frustrating games when in the last second your teammate with seven stars rushes in and instantly dies.

Game-mode Specific Buffs and Nerfs

There will be no individual buffs or nerfs for characters depending on the game-mode. Each brawler will always have the same stats regardless of game-mode. So, I think we can still expect to see a decent amount of El Primo’s and Shelley’s in Showdown.


The mysteries of the matchmaking algorithms have finally been solved. According to Supercell, the matchmaking system is based on the amount of trophies you have with the brawler you are currently playing with. So you will be matched up with other players who have a similar amount of trophies with the brawler they are currently playing with. There is also a little bit of math in the algorithm that keeps new players from being matched up with very experienced players.

Possible Brawl Box System Tweaks

Supercell also hinted at possible changes to the brawl box system. We can only guess what these changes will be, but hopefully it will become easier to get the rarer brawlers.


The Brawl Stars team is debating the idea of implementing some form of esports with Brawl Stars. However, they will probably wait to see the effects of the global launch.

Soccer Game-mode

New game-modes is one of the community’s most requested feature. When asked about potential game-modes, Supercell responded that they were currently playing around with a “soccer-like” game-mode. There’s no guarantee that this will make it into the game, but I think it would be awesome to play.

Game Room Revamp

The Brawl Stars team is planning on re-doing the game room system to make it more player friendly. This could mean possible lobbies or chatting with your team before the game. Teams of three Ricochets could be prevented with the implementation of pre-game chat and brawler choosing.

Free Gems

There are no plans for players being able to earn gems at this point. Hopefully, Supercell will implement this eventually, but I would not expect to see this anytime soon.

New Brawlers

Of course there are plans for new brawlers. I imagine they will slowly push out new brawlers as time goes on. Supercell did hint at a “mini-gun” type brawler that is in the works, but again there are no guarantees it will ever make it in the game.



A big thanks to Supercell for hosting this AMA. The community outreach so far has been amazing. Looking forward to all these updates!

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