Howdy Brawlers!

Arius here. In this post, I’ll talk about the community tier list and meta above 10,000 trophies.

We recently ran a tier list poll to know what the community felt about the new meta and how it ranked the Brawlers. Thanks to a retweet by u/Brawlstars on Twitter, we received an overwhelming response and it helped us make the tier list even better.

The tier lists are categorized according to trophies so that they can be viable for all players. As I’ve mentioned above, I’ll talk about the meta above 10k trophies in this post. We’ll be posting about other trophy ranges soon.

Sorry for boring you with a really long introduction. But now, with it out of the way, let’s begin with the actual post.

Tier List

Tier List Above 10K
Tier List Above 10K

Click here to download a high res version of the tier list. 


Shelly used to be the queen of Showdown (and was decent in other modes too) for the first few months the game was out. She had a huge range and high damage output. Subsequent nerfs to her damage output have made her way less viable now. She’s still an A tier Brawler in Heist and Brawl Ball but due to the other S tier Brawlers, she’s rarely seen in even those modes. But Shelly isn’t a weak Brawler, she can win most one-on-one fights (in fair situations). She’s seen less because of niche Brawlers in some game modes, like Piper in Bounty. Shelly is one of the few Brawlers that can do well on all maps.


Nita is a high skill Brawler that, like Shelly, can do well on most of the maps. She doesn’t go well with quick fire and that’s why she’s used less. You need to aim her shots precisely or else she won’t be a threat. She deals decent damage per hit and has low reload time which allows her to dish a lot of damage quickly. Her bear is also a big threat, for it can soak in a lot of damage while distracting and crushing enemies. She’s not too OP in any game mode and has decent ratings except for Bounty. Her small range and low health make her a bad choice for it.


Colt is one of the highest skill Brawlers, but he’s also balanced. He’s an A tier in all modes except Gem Grab. He has insane damage with decent range, allowing him to take down most Brawlers. Colt is ranked B in Gem Grab because he isn’t an effective crystal carrier. There are a lot of better options for Gem Grab and thus Colt isn’t used too much. Like Shelly, Colt is a good choice for all the game modes, including the unranked Robo Rumble and Boss Fight.


Bull is one of the biggest offenders of quick fire. His wide attack range makes it easy to target an enemy with quick fire, taking away the skill. But against experienced players, Bull isn’t a big threat on open/non-grassy maps. Bull dominates grassy maps, being able to kill most Brawlers in 3 shots at point blank range. He’s very strong in Heist, as he can reach the enemy safe rather quickly with his Super and deal massive damage.


Jessie is a decent Brawler for all game modes. She shines the most in Gem Grab as she can set up a camp near the gem mine with her turret, Scrappy. It can keep low to mid-range Brawlers away, allowing her team to control the mine fairly easily. Her main attack can hit up to 3 targets per shot, which can be very useful in fishing out enemies hiding in bushes and/or damaging a group of enemies together. Her turret could use a small buff to make it viable against long-range Brawlers, but at the same time, it shouldn’t make it OP against mid to low range Brawlers.


After a long history of being useless, Brock is finally getting some love. He’s used extensively in Bounty and Heist and on some Showdown and Brawl Ball maps. The buffs to his reload and rocket speed increased his popularity and made him a formidable foe. He’s one of the best Brawlers for Bounty, and I think he should be tweaked a little to make him less dominant in Bounty (and open maps) and a balanced Brawler in general.


Dynamike got a much needed nerf in August, and despite initially feeling that the nerf wasn’t enough, I think it was quite alright. It changed his interactions with low range Brawlers and made his Super dodgeable, as getting clear of it was very difficult before. However, the balance change didn’t reduce teaming in Showdown. Luckily, modifiers were introduced to the game which made Solo Showdown interesting and fun again. Where does Dynamike stand in all this? He’s usable in most game modes now, even in Showdown without having to team up.


Bo is in a pretty bad state right now. It’s safe to say Bo is one of the least used Brawlers. He is overwhelming on grassy maps with his Star Power, but other than that, he’s pretty much useless. Bo needs a huge rework, in my opinion, starting from his Star Power. He should get a more general Star Power which doesn’t favor a particular type of map/game mode. His attack should be increased a bit to make him much more formidable.

El Primo

El Primo isn’t in a much better situation than Bo. Shockingly enough, he didn’t get a buff with the latest update. Being the only true melee Brawler in the game, reaching close to enemies isn’t very easy for Primo. Just like Bo, he’s strong on grassy maps, where he can hide and ambush his enemies easily. He’s excellent in Brawl Ball as he doesn’t need to attack enemies much in it. Most of the times, you’ll find an enemy approaching you if you have the ball or are nearby it, helping you take them out easily. He can soak up a lot of damage, allowing him to score a goal with ease. Due to the recent rise in use rates of Frank, Primo’s popularity increased as he’s one of the best counters to Frank.


Barley is in a good state right now. He’s one of the best picks for Heist as he can control the middle area effectively, blocking access to the safe. Barley is a competent Brawler in all game modes because he can control an area for a while, and can also attack from behind obstacles. Barley with unlocked Star Power is broken in Showdown with Life Leech modifier active because with his Star Power, landing every attack increases his health. I’m fairly confident that this will be resolved soon.


Poco was very OP before he got the nerf in August. Pre-nerf, all you had to do with Poco was spam his attack continuously. The nerf didn’t reduce his reload speed, which is very fast, but decreased his damage. I wasn’t sure if this change would be sufficient as well, but apparently, I was wrong again. Poco is used a lot less now in most modes except Gem Grab. Inarguably, he’s one of the strongest Brawlers in Gem Grab. His healing ability allows him to be a very apt support unit that can deal decent damage and also carry crystals with relative ease.


Ricochet is arguably the highest skill Brawler in game. You just can’t use quick fire with him as his shots need to be aimed very precisely. To make up for that, he has insane range and damage output. He also reloads very quickly, allowing a person with good aim to deal massive damage easily. He’s an S tier Brawler in Gem Grab as he can shoot enemies from a large distance. This allows him to kill enemy crystal carriers without walking into their line of fire. He’s not too bad in other game modes either — but there are better options available.


The undisputed king of Heist, Darryl, isn’t very good in other game modes. His ability to roll large distances and deal massive damage makes him the king of Heist, but unfortunately, these abilities aren’t too useful in other game modes, except for Gem Grab where he can roll over to the enemy side, kill their crystal carrier, and hopefully roll back in time. Like Bo and Primo, Darryl needs some tweaks to be viable on all game modes.


Penny’s popularity increased greatly after her recent buffs. She has transformed into an S tier from a mediocre-at-best Brawler. She’s one of the best choices for Gem Grab and Bounty now. She can find enemies hiding in bushes easily as she can attack more than one Brawler at once, and her cannon deals area damage. Penny is able to hold her own outside these two modes as well, with the exception of Brawl Ball. Her cannon isn’t very useful here as it’s a fast-paced mode. She could use a small tweak to become balanced in general.


Piper is also a niche Brawler like Bo and Darryl. She dominates Bounty, but she’s rarely seen outside of it, except for some of the open Duo Showdown maps. She definitely needs some change to make her balanced in all game modes. I’m not sure what would be the best for her though. She deals very little damage when enemies are closer to her (read: most of the time) so one may want a damage boost. But her damage at max range is very high right now and shouldn’t be increased. Changes to distance vs damage dealt function might help?  


Just like Penny, Pam’s popularity increased after the two successive buffs. She isn’t as OP right now as she was when released, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t good. She’s still one of the best Brawlers for Gem Grab and does fairly well in Showdown. However, she isn’t very good when it comes to Heist as her heal station is pretty much useless in it. She’s also broken in Life Leech Showdown right now, even without her star power. Her heal station makes her almost invincible. With her star power, she gets even stronger as every attack heals her. Hopefully, it’ll be fixed soon.


Frank is not the beast now he was a couple weeks ago. With the range nerfs, he has become more balanced but it doesn’t make him any less of a threat. He’s a great counter to the OP Spike which automatically makes him an S tier Brawler. His stun is pretty strong and getting away safe from his Super is pretty hard. He would be a lot more balanced if his Super is made less wide.  


Mortis is… looking for his hat. Without his hat, Mortis isn’t really a great Brawler. His presence in not intimidating unless you’re playing Brawl Ball, or are a Dynamike. Mortis is the best Brawler for Brawl Ball, and no one even comes close to his collection of Brawl d’Ors! But that’s really where our grumpy man shines. Just like Bo, he needs some tweaks to make him an average Brawler for all game modes.


Tara is one of the strongest Supers right now. We all wanted her Super to be nerfed with the last update, but it didn’t happen. Instead, we got a damage nerf. The nerf wasn’t completely bad though, her use rates have declined since the nerf. She’s still an S tier in Gem Grab and Brawl Ball because of her Super, but not very good in other game modes because of the damage nerf. Her Super definitely needs to be nerfed and to compensate for it, her damage should be buffed.


I know you were waiting for this… Spike is the most OP Brawler right now. He dominates Gem Grab and Showdown and is a good pick for other modes as well. The randomness of his main attack needs to go, as it makes his attacks almost impossible to dodge. Hopefully, we’ll get a nerf soon because he’s simply the best Brawler right now. Hope y’all with Spike are having fun!


Crow may not be the best Brawler anymore, but he’s the most fun to play with. His unique attack, high speed, a classy super and Phoenix skin make him a treat to watch… only if he’s on your side. This bird is still very powerful and can do well in most game modes. He could use a small buff, but other than that, he’s pretty much balanced.

The Meta

Clearly, niche/OP Brawlers define the meta right now. But still, this meta is a lot better than the ones we’ve seen before. A Brawler can’t be used on all maps in all game modes right now, not even Spike. Maybe having niche Brawlers is a good thing because you get to play in a different atmosphere in different game modes? I’ve mixed feelings about it. Ryan revealed that the team likes the idea of having niche Brawlers, but they also want to have some (weak?) alternatives to them. I guess it isn’t a bad thing.

But then, I’m tired of playing as and against Piper/Brock in 90% of my Bounty games. Things are better in Gem Grab as there are a couple of S tiers Brawlers in that mode. Poco isn’t that dominating anymore and we see Pam being used a fair bit. The meta in Showdown depends heavily on the map. SP Bo and tanks dominate the grassy maps, lobbers rule maps with a lot of walls and long-ranged Brawlers control open maps.

Heist, on the other hand, doesn’t have so much diversity. Almost all Heist matches have at least one Darryl, if not two. Brawlers like El Primo, Bull, and Barley are also used often, but not as much as Darryl. A good Mortis can end a Brawl Ball game in less than 45 seconds, making the other Brawlers almost useless. If the devs are gonna go with the niche Brawlers, then they need to add Brawlers to make modes like Bounty and Brawl Ball more diverse.

That is all for now, Brawlers! This post turned out to be a general overview of all the Brawlers and the meta instead of targetting a particular trophy range because, to be honest, the meta is pretty much same over all the trophy ranges. If you’ve different opinions about anything written in the post, then feel free to share it below. It’s a community tier list for a reason 😉

Written by Arius and edited by Futuristik. 

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