Will Brawl Stars go global? Let’s take a look at the positives and the negatives of Supercell’s latest game and make a prediction about its future. This is part of our collaboration with Ash, so go check him out and subscribe to his channel if you haven’t already!

Supercell is known for killing games that simply don’t live up to their high standards. Here’s a list of the games they’ve cut so far:

Pets vs Orcs

Gem GrabLand


Battle Buddies



Spooky Pop

Zombies Online

These games were all popular, albeit not as popular as Brawl Stars, but Supercell simply wasn’t content with the gameplay. They’re a gaming company known for making the best mobile games out there, and they don’t want to tarnish that reputation with any flawed games or poor releases.


The Good

Positive Response

Brawl Stars has received quite a positive response from gamers, already reaching the top of the Canadian app store, a feat that none of the other killed games managed to achieve. It has built a formidable presence on social media, and the developers and community managers have put a lot of hard work into ensuring that the game is what the players want it to be, introducing new brawlers and implementing balance changes. The game has certainly resonated with the fans, and this could indicate that the game will be released globally.


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Different Spin/Variety

The big thing that Brawl Stars provides is a unique spin on things. By introducing a MOBA genre to mobile gamers and allowing them to play in short or long sessions however they please, Brawl Stars has become a sort of condensed comical League of Legends, breaking into a sector that hasn’t been explored by games since Vain Glory. There’s four different game modes, each with different maps and different brawlers to suit the maps/mode, leading to a variety of different options for the players. This variety is something that we haven’t seen in COC and Clash Royale, games that both only have one (two with the Builder Base?) game mode, and it sets Brawl Stars apart from the rest of Supercell’s collection.


The Bad

Can Become Repetitive

The game can definitely become stale after a while, especially if the selection of game modes is limited to only one or two options. While there’s definitely a lot of different things to do within the game, game modes will be conquered by the meta, and if you want to win, you’ll have to find yourself doing the same thing over and over again. While it may not make for the most fun experience, it is what’s most effective overall, and if you truly want to push, it’s what you’ll have to do for most of the time.

As new brawlers and new maps are introduced, perhaps even new game modes, the game will start to broaden its horizons a bit, opening the window for more opportunities. The fact that there is a max cap on brawlers and that wins start getting less and less rewarding as you pile up the trophies may be frustrating, but it helps you open up to brawlers that you probably wouldn’t use otherwise. Brawlers like Brock and Ricochet can provide a refreshing experience, and they give you a chance to master your full team.

Yes, the game can become a bit repetitive, but that’s the same with all games. I have no doubt that Supercell will implement new features to make the game more enticing should it go global.

Gameplay Problems

The game certainly isn’t perfect, but that’s to be expected in the beta phase. The rewards system is certainly flawed, drop rates are poor, and there’s no real incentive to continue playing past getting the max amount of gold. The game modes have some issues: Showdown is riddled with teaming, Heist is often unfair towards attacking or defending, Bounty can flip on its head in a matter of seconds, and Gem Grab is perhaps the most balanced game mode, but it still has its own problems as well.

The game is definitely not as polished as it can be, but there’s still time for Supercell to change it. With more balance changes and updates, the game modes will become more refined, and it will make for an overall better experience. We have to remember that Brawl Stars is more concerned with initial thoughts and that changes will come should the game go global.


Prediction — Global or Graveyard?

Brawl Stars will go global. While it certainly has some flaws like all games, it’s only in beta edition, and it has garnered praise and had more success than any of the games Supercell has killed. With polishing the gameplay and some overall issues with progress and rewards, Supercell have a game with huge potential. They’ve unlocked an entirely new genre of mobile game, and it’s all theirs to tinker with for now. Let’s see how it goes!


Check out this video with Ash and Powerbang to hear their thoughts on whether the game will be released!


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