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Trophy Balance Changes - July 2019 - Brawl Stars Blog
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Howdy Brawlers!

Recently Supercell revamped their Trophy Progression system, changing many aspects of the game. This quick article will discuss why the change was made, what exactly was changed, what you need to expect from Brawl Stars going forward, and what you can do to make the game the best it can possibly be.

Why The Change?

After global release last December, the Brawl Star’s development team has been searching for every opportunity to enhance its gaming experience by listening to community feedback. The developers recently stated on Reddit that they felt that the difficulty of achieving 500+ trophies was too much and pushed many prospective players away. Many skilled players stopped trying with certain brawlers after reaching Rank 20. Another issue was that the awarding of Star Points simply stopped for most players as they neared 500 trophies, making many items in the shop unobtainable. To fix these problems, the Brawl Stars team amended the Trophy Progression system (discussed below).

What Changed?

The amount of trophies received for a certain placement in 3v3, Solo Showdown, and Duo Showdown has increased significantly.

Image: r/BrawlStars

As can be seen above, the amount of trophies awarded for a victory in 3v3 remains the same at 8 trophies until a certain brawler nears 800 trophies. Similarly, in Solo Showdown, players receive a maximum of 10 trophies per first place finish until the 800 trophy threshold is met. Finally, in Duo Showdown, the number of trophies per win stays at 9 until 800 trophies. Before the update, the number of trophies gained per win began to decrease at the 500 trophy threshold. This update, however, pushes back that threshold to about 800 trophies. What does this do?

First, this allows many semi-competitive players the opportunity to gain more trophies. Whereas in the past many found themselves seesawing at about 500 trophies per brawler, the new system will provide a sense of competition, progress, and fulfillment to average players looking to trophy push. More importantly, however, the new Trophy Progression system incentivizes playing the game by making Star Points more accessible for those willing to up their trophy count. Only time will tell, but this seems like a partial solution to the fact that many items in the shop are too much for most players to get their hands on.

What Next?

While the amended Trophy Progression system is a good step in the right direction and definitely addresses the issue of boredom with the game that many community members were expressing, even Supercell acknowledges that there is more work to be done with the game. What kind of things should you expect to see change in the future?

This update, which was intended to make up for the removal of Season Token Rewards system, only does that slightly. In fact, it is still quite difficult to get many rewards for being an avid player of the game. On Reddit, Supercell made clear that they will calculate ways to enhance the Star Point distribution system at a later time. We expect that the wait is to see how this new update settles with the community and how the logistics of the game will change, if at all. 

We predict that you can expect an entirely revamped rewards system in the near future — perhaps by the end of August at the latest. In fact, Supercell foreshadowed a big change that will likely occur with the currency/shop system in the next update: the inclusion of non-cosmetic items, like Big Boxes and similar items, to the Star Shop. We think that this change will naturally come with a much more rewarding Star Points system as well.

What You Can Do!

We encourage all players to give the new Trophy Progression system a try. When you feel like you have an opinion on what can be done to supplement this change and make the brawling experience even better, share it on r/BrawlStars! Supercell is known for having a very receptive development team that checks the community subreddit for suggestions often.

We hope you enjoyed this quick Brawl Stars news update! Please let us know what you think in the comments. You can also subscribe to the site and follow our Twitter and our Instagram for more content on all things Brawl Stars.

Happy Brawling!

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