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Gem Grab Team Composition - Mortis, Nita, Poco - Brawl Stars Blog

Gem Grab is by far the most popular game mode amongst players, so we decided to explain how you can improve and continue progressing in the game mode with the brawler(s) Mortis, Nita and Poco. We have a more general Gem Grab strategy guide up, so if you’re looking for that, check it out here.

In this guide, we will show you a bit of a different way to use Mortis. While he’s normally used to grab the gems, in this team composition, he’ll be used more aggressively, backing enemies away from the center and allowing his teammates to pick up the gems.

This strategy was introduced by Lex, and his video will be embedded below. If you want to skip there straight away, go here.


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How to Play

Usually, Mortis is used as a very conservative character who is not very aggressive. Mortis should be used as a character that can space the map and quickly get from one side of the map to another without taking too much damage. Traditionally players use him to collect gems and quickly retreat before taking excessive damage. In this style of play, Mortis should be utilized as an aggressive player with the ability to space the floor especially near the spawn of the enemy.

To use Mortis effectively, target enemy players around their spawn, attracting them towards you and distracting them long enough for your teammates to collect gems and kill players once you lure them back to the gem mine. Mortis should be the only one playing aggressively; teammates should hold off and kill the opponents when they come near the mine.


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How to Play

Nita is played rather traditionally as a support character. Use Nita carefully and be sure to stay near spawn and stay alongside Poco at all times. staying with Poco allows you to deal heavy damage as well as dealing focused damage on one specific area whereas Poco deals damage in a wide range. have Nita go in for the majority of the kills and to deal heavy damage to the already weak characters lured back by Mortis. Prior to getting the Bear, play in a passive-aggressive style hitting them with shots to build your super while still occupying the mine and fighting alongside Poco. The Bear can be used in a number of ways.

Check out our Nita Guide for more information. In conclusion, use her not only to control the gem mine, but also to provide solid damage and her Bear to not only serve as a distraction but also to provide the necessary damage to kill an opponent.


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How to play

Poco serves as crowd control. Because of his wide area of effect and his quick rate of fire he can deny large areas of the map that the opponent would try to use to advance. Of course, his super ability can be used on either the group holding the center but if he can get into range and heal Mortis that is an added bonus.

Because Poco has an ample amount of health, he can be used to carry gems. Both characters also have a great deal of health (1,000 Max Health) If the opponents group up this is very good for Poco as his splash damage can hit them all at once doing a great deal of damage as well as building up his super at a much faster rate.

You’ll want to roam around alongside Nita and keep an eye on the enemy as Mortis attacks them. Whilst in support, one mustn’t forget their responsibility to collect and protect gems. When Mortis perishes you’ll want to get into a defensive position to deny the enemy access to the center. if that fails, be sure to at least slow down the enemy until Mortis can resume his assault.


Miscellaneous Tips

Know your map.

There are several different maps for Gem Grab, but they all have the gem mine in the center. if you know the map, you could potentially guess where your opponent is hiding from you or how to sneak up on them without them knowing.

Control the center

Controlling the center leads to victory. Nita and Poco are prime examples of characters who can control the center effectively and remotely. If a team can effectively control the center the game is as good as won.

Don’t Split the Gems

Make sure one person has the majority of the Gems. If the gems are split up evenly amongst people it is harder to defend because no one can die. If a death does occur by any chance the game could potentially change directions unfavorably.




This strategy is paramount to one’s success in Gem Grab. Using this strategy, you will find yourself using characters such as Nita, Poco and Mortis much more often. Implement this lineup into your daily games and you will find that success is impending. Hope you enjoyed this guide, and make sure to subscribe to the site to get notified whenever we post.


Special thanks to Lex – Mobile Gaming for letting us use his video. Be sure to check his channel out!

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