Today, we will be going over Shelly, the first brawler that is unlocked in Brawl Stars. As a ranged damage-dealer who can be an absolute nuisance for any enemy team to handle, she is a viable option for all team compositions. This guide will discuss her pros, cons, and how to use her in every game mode.

shelly stats


Description: “Shotgun Shelly is always the Belle of the Brawl. Her trusty boomstick makes sure no one gets in her way.” She is strong in the hands of both new and experienced players, which makes her an overall great pick for players of all kinds.

Health: 800 HP

Attack: 80 damage per shell.

Super: 80 damage per shell. “Shelly’s Super Shell obliterates both cover and enemies. Any survivors get knocked out of the way.”

Rarity: Common

Skins: Default, Bandita


Strengthsshelly character

Great Damage, Good Health

Coming in with 800 health and 80 damage per shell without any upgrades, Shelly is a force to be reckoned with. Although she doesn’t have an insane amount of health like El Primo, her health is pretty decent, coming in at 3rd. It will most likely take more than three shots for someone to defeat you.

As for damage, Shelly is able to 1v1 basically any brawler. This is because she does more damage when she is closer to the target. If you are against another long range enemy, you have two options: get closer or continue backing away while firing your shots. Because of her short reload time, she will probably win the fight. If you are against someone with a short range, such as El Primo, you can always kite him or, again, get closer. Boom (pun intended), you will win the fight.



Shelly’s super ability can take out walls, which is especially useful when the enemy has low health and they hide behind a wall. If you use your super in that general area, you will be able to take out the wall AND kill the opponent. Shelly’s super works in the same way as her normal attack in that it does more damage when the target is nearby. It also knocks back and stuns enemies for a short duration, which allows more shots in by teammates or lets you have time to escape if you have low health.


shelly posterWeaknesses


After speaking to some band mates (specifically ShanxX), we have come to the conclusion that Shelly’s one and only weakness is the fact that she does less damage when the target is further away. This is due to less of her bullets hitting the target. It’s not that much of a weakness as she is still pretty effective even when far away from her opponents.




A general strategy that seems to be effective is to stay behind tanks and attack. If the tank dies and the enemy starts running towards you, remember that it is okay if someone gets close to you. You will do more damage. Landing every shot will allow you to get your super. I would suggest keeping your super until you need to finish someone off or if you have low health and someone is coming after you. This will let you either kill them or push them back and stun them just long enough for you to get out and hide to heal.

Recommended Team Composition: Shelly (damage), El Primo (tank), Poco (support/heal)



Get those power-ups to get stronger. When attacking the boxes, stand close to them so that they die quicker and you can get out faster without risking being attacked. Sometimes, hiding is the best option. If you see someone coming at you, evaluate the brawler and how many power-ups they have. If it is, for example, a ricochet without any power-ups, by all means go after them. But always be aware of your surroundings. Don’t get so caught up on trying to kill someone that someone kills you when you have low health.

A popular brawler in this mode is El Primo. Lucky for you, Shelly is a counter. Your best bet is to get close and land your shots. If you are able to do that, your super will be up. Use that and the Primo will wish he hadn’t attacked you (because he’ll be dead). After that, hide in a bush to regen with a lowered risk of someone seeing you. As a ranged character, you should be using some of your shots in the bushes before you walk in them to assure that no one is waiting to gank you.

As you shoot people, ALWAYS MOVE AROUND. This has an increased chance of you dodging some of their attacks. Use walls to your advantage; they can be used to dodge attacks while you gain health back. Play passively until someone comes at you. If you have enough health and you’re confident you can take them out, go for it. But beware of people who are waiting to finish both of you off when you’re at low health. This is how you play smart as Shelly.


shelly heist



Offense: Stay behind tanks and deal damage. You act as the brawler who takes out enemies before they kill your tank. Normally, the safe is defended with a wall. Use your super to take it out so that it is easier for your team to directly attack it.

Defense: Play aggressively WITH YOUR TEAM. Don’t expect to get a triple kill all by yourself. This is a team game. If you attack while moving around to dodge shots, they’ll get very few hits on the TNT and/or safe.

Recommended Team Composition: Shelly (damage to enemies), Dynamike/Barley (splash to enemies or TNT/safe), El Primo (tank and easy damage to safe with super)


Gem Grab

Rather than running to get the first crystal, you should stay back and attack. Let the tank get it instead. This is because you are squishier than the tank. It takes less shots to kill you, so it’s riskier for you to get all the crystals. Once the countdown starts, defend the person with the most crystals right away. If it is the enemy team that has the 10 crystals, go together as a team and whoever will get their crystal count below 10 so that the countdown stops. Again, always be moving around so that it’s harder to kill you. If you have low health, don’t be afraid to retreat to regen. Remember that attacking AND getting hit makes your regeneration stop.

Recommended Team Composition: Shelly (damage), Jessie/Nita (use turret/bear to control crystal mine), El Primo (tank to collect crystals)


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Shelly is a great brawler for any game mode. She is able to defeat any brawler if played correctly. I urge you to try her out now and you’ll see her full potential!


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