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Piper Countering Guide - The Kryptonite of Princess Peach - Brawl Stars Blog

Piper the Sniper has been out for a few days now, and players have gotten a chance to either play with her or against her. Many have said she is overpowered, but others have said they prefer Mortis as the preferred epic. Amidst all of the Piper hype, I have decided to write this article giving my best advice on how to counter this blonde Mary Poppins.

Whilst it would be expected to first write a guide on how to use her as she is a new brawler, I thought it would be more beneficial to the community to make a guide on how to counter her. I also happen to be one of the salt shakers that have yet to acquire her. Without further ado, here is my guide to counter Piper:


piper stats


General Analysis of Piper

First, I will attempt to give a basic analysis as to who Piper is and what makes her strong/weak.

Here are her base stats:

Health: 600

Basic Attack: 460 damage at max range (Sorry Ricochet)

Super: 300 damage per grenade–total of 3 grenades
She also can evade a sticky situation with her super while dropping these bombs

Dealing a massive 460 damage at long range, Piper has a very specific role: stay back and assassinate. This very specific yet simple sentence already opens the door on how to counter her: get in her face frequent and often. Before I go into game mode specific tips on how to go against her, here are some general guidelines to follow regardless of the game mode:


piper character


General Guidelines

Bushes and Walls are your friends!

I will say this one more time for emphasis, THE BUSHES AND WALLS ARE YOUR FRIENDS! If you happen to be using a brawler that can clear terrain, make sure to be careful. You should use all obstacles to your advantage as they can block Piper’s deadly shots. If Piper can’t get a clean shot on you, well…she can’t get a shot on you at all. Rule of thumb, keep your hiding spots as long as you can.

Running at a 180° angle will get you killed

I can’t count the number of times some low health brawler runs away from Piper in a more predictable pattern than a turtle. Run unpredictably and run zig zag! Do not run in a straight line, this just makes it easier for her to hit her shots.

Common ideology says to keep a distance from her

I beg to disagree. If you’re regenerating, obviously keep your distance from the enemy team regardless of the brawler they are using. However, the most efficient way to take down Piper is to be close to her, as her shots do less damage to nearer enemies. In fact, she barely surpasses 100 damage when you’re in her face, so keep that in mind when facing her.


Game Mode Specific Tips

Gem Grab:

Piper’s strongest maps are those with the fewest obstacles and the most range vantage points. If you are playing one of these maps, keep the terrain! It is imperative that you maintain areas on the map to hide while you regenerate health, so don’t blow them away. In Gem Grab, Piper will more than likely not be carrying gems unless the player controlling her is the GOAT of Brawl Stars (Don’t get any ideas OWNato). What I found that works best against Piper is to use a team composition that is not too squishy, and can get in her face if need be. The brawlers that come to mind are Shelly, Nita, and El Primo just to name a few. While having a more sturdy team composition, it is still impossible to predict if you will go against her. So if you happen to get matched up against a Piper, it is important to pressure and stay as close as possible to her.

Another thing to note is that you can completely ignore her in this game mode if necessary! Because it is not likely that she will be carrying many gems, it might be best to concentrate on taking out her teammates. If her teammates can’t reach the gems, they can’t win. This is not her strongest game mode in my opinion, so if you follow this advice you should have decent success if played correctly.

piper rangeBounty:

When she was first introduced, it was practically a free win on this game mode if you had her on your team. Her strongest game mode is bounty as this is where she excels in getting kills. Avoid the open area if at all possible, keeping her from getting an easy shot on you. Force her teammates to come at you, and use your team to focus down on them. In short, don’t let Piper get a ton of stars, as this creates a scenario where she can sit in the back and let her teammates protect her with ease. If you happen to be Ricochet, you must be beyond careful when dealing with her as you can be obliterated in an instant. If the map has abundant bush to hide in, you’re in luck. Use this to your advantage and have a team composition with characters that are great at surprising the enemy with heavy burst damage up close. The obvious brawlers are Shelly, Bull, and Primo as they have higher health and high damage up close.


She hasn’t seen much play in Heist yet, but I would imagine she is strong on defense. If you happen to go against her in this game mode, you need long range to fight back at her. Heist is typically dominated by the team that controls the choke points on the map the best. Piper will be very strong at doing so, and that means Barley or Dynamike will more than likely become useless. It sucks to think that you’ll have to use lower health ranged characters to deal with Piper as they can be lit up by her sniper, but it is what needs to be done. Use Colt, or Brock to continue to apply pressure to her areas of the map. Force her near her safe or in her spawn depending on what side you’re on. You will find the most success if you abuse your damage and range to control the choke points before she does, otherwise, you’re in trouble. Only time will tell us if this is one of her better game modes.


Apart from day one where everyone was scared to challenge her 1v1, she isn’t too optimal in this mode. There are a lot of close quarters here, so unless she has her super kill her free of charge. Don’t be out in the open for long as you may be taken out quickly. The most popular brawlers in this mode are Shelly, Bull, and El Primo. Use these brawlers as you would normally do by abusing your power at the energy boxes (or whatever they’re called), and surprise her from the many bushes on the map. She should be no trouble in Showdown.




Earlier in the week based on her current ability in the game, I rated her S Tier on my rankings list. She is a lethal brawler in most hands, and a devastating one in the right hands. Use this guide for further advice on dealing with her, and you may just find she is not as scary anymore.

I hope you enjoyed my guide to countering Piper, as I know many of you would appreciate any help you can get. Now it’s your turn to go out there and be a Bowser while slaying the Princess Peach of Brawl Stars.


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Catch you later Brawlers!

Master Yoda


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