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New Brawl Stars September Update! - Brawl Stars Blog

Supercell has just dropped their newest update for Brawl Stars, featuring new brawlers, game modes, maps, and much more! Hope you enjoy!


New Brawlers



Image result for brawl stars pam

Description: “A junker who fires projectiles from her Trash Compactor. Her Super brings a healing station into the fight!”

Type: Ranged

Health: 1000

Speed: 2.5 Tiles Per Second

Range: 8 Tiles

Skins: None

Rarity: Epic

Primary Attack: Pam has a straightforward way of dealing with scrap metal: suck it up and blast it at the bad guys!

Super: Sometimes you can get dinged up while brawling. Pam can kiss it all better with the help of her healing turret!



Image result for tara brawl stars

Type: Ranged

Health: 800

Speed: 2.5 Tiles Per Second

Range: 8 Tiles

Skins: None

Rarity: Mythic

Primary Attack: Tara flicks her wrist, snapping off three tarot cards that pierce through enemies. Quite a trick!

Super: Tara’s greatest illusion draws her audience inexorably in. Everyone caught in the attraction will bump heads painfully!


New Gamemode

Supercell has just added a 5th game mode called Brawl Ball. Brawl Ball is a 3v3 Soccer match where the point of the game is to score 2 goals against the opposing team.


Image result for brawl stars brawl ball
Image: Clash for Dummies


Events Rework

  • Unlocking the 4th event slot required 7 Brawlers instead of 8
  • Bounty
    • Everyone spawns with 2 stars
    • Center star doesn’t raise your Bounty
  • Heist
    • Safe-Hit Points decreased by 200 in Bandit Stash and Kaboom Canyon
    • Safe-Hit Points decreased by 1200 in Safe Zone
  • Showdown
    • Poison Gas destroys Power-up Boxes


New Leaderboard

  • 2 week Seasons
  • Trophy Cap of 500 removed
  • Brawlers above 500 Trophies lose 50% of their Trophies above 500 at the end of the season
  • Gold is rewarded for Total Trophies and highest Brawler Trophies at the end of each season


New Brawler Rarities

Super Rare and Mythic are the 2 new Brawler Rarities in the game. The lowest is Common, followed by Rare, Super Rare, Epic, Mythic, and Legendary.


Shop Rework

Image result for brawl stars box

  • New Brawler Boxes
    • Rare Brawler Box
      • Contains 1 Rare Brawler
    • Super Rare Brawler Box
      • Contains 1 Super Rare Brawler
    • Epic Brawler Box
      • Contains 1 Epic Brawler
    • Big Box
      • Contains 10 Brawl Boxes
  • Starter Packs at XP levels 10, 20, and 30
  • Coin Cap of 9999
  • New Items In Brawl Boxes
    • Coin Booster
    • Coin Doubler
    • Super Rare Elixir Drops
    • Mythic Elixir Drops
  • Visual Rework


Balance Changes

Image result for balance

  • Bo
    • Super now deploys 4 mines (from 3)
    • Mine’s radius made to look larger (Visual change only)
  • Jessie
    • Scrappy’s rate of fire decreased (From 0.25s to 0.30s per shot)
  • Piper
    • Main attack damage decreased (From 440 to 420)
  • Brock
    • Reload time decreased (from 2.3s to 2.1s)
    • Super spread is smaller
    • Main attack’s rocket speed is increased by 5%
  • Spike
    • Super’s slowdown lasts less time once out of its range
  • Poco
    • No longer heals minions, Super charge speed increased (From 6 hits to 5 hits)


Other Changes

Image result for brawl stars band
In their latest update, Brawl Stars increased the maximum band size from 50 to 100 members.
  • Brawler Selection Screen added to Game Rooms
  • Band size increased to 100
  • Graphic Improvements to various Brawlers
  • Brawler Elixir Upgrade levels shown at match end screen
  • AFK Player Detection
  • SFX Improvements
  • Joystick Improvements
    • Fixed Joystick
    • Right and left-handed mode
  • Brawler Rarities Adjusted
    • Common
      • Shelly
      • Colt
      • Nita
      • Dynamike
      • El Primo
    • Rare
      • Bull
      • Brock
      • Barley
      • Jessie
    • Super Rare
      • Richochet
      • Poco
      • Bo
    • Epic
      • Piper
      • Pam
    • Mythic
      • Tara
      • Mortis
    • Legendary
      • Crow
      • Spike



We hope you enjoyed our coverage of the latest update! We apologize for not posting much recently and we want you to know that we will begin to publish content regularly now. Hope you understand, and make sure to subscribe to the site if you’d like to see more articles like this.


Thanks, and keep brawling!



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