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Mortis Guide - How To Use, Strengths, Weaknesses - Brawl Stars Blog


Mortis and his swarm of bats will send you right into a coffin. Mortis is one of the most unique brawlers in the game at the moment, and his shovel swing and blood sucking friends will send you packing. In this post, we will get to know all about Mortis and discuss his strengths and weaknesses.


mortis stats



Description: Mortis the undertaker puts people in coffins. Despite his spindly frame and apparent years, he moves with surprising speed.
Health: 800
Attack (Shovel Swing): 160
Special (Life Blood): 200


What Makes Mortis Unique?

What makes Mortis unique is that he is the quickest brawler in the game. This is by far your most useful weapon when using him, and it’s one of the reasons why he’s though of as the best brawler in the game. He quickly dashes to an enemy to hit them with his shovel dealing 160 damage at level 1. You can use his attack to dash to enemies and hit them, or use it to dash out of battle quickly.

The other thing that makes Mortis quite unique and also quite scary is that his super attack deals damage AND heals him at the same time. When you get it charged up, Mortis releases a flock of blood sucking vampires that deal 200 damage at level 1 and can bring Mortis back to full health, healing him by 200 hit points!




One of Mortis’ strengths is his quickness. Mortis has the ability to quickly dash into action while also avoiding attacks from opponents. He can also quickly escape if need be by dashing quickly away from the enemies. This is especially useful when playing against an El Primo or another melee brawler.


Another one of Mortis’ strengths is his special. While not dealing too much damage the best part is healing Mortis while still dealing damage. When Mortis is low on health, use his special to surprise your enemies and take them down while you have more hitpoints.


The last strength of Mortis is his health. While he doesn’t have as much health as El Primo, he can take quite the punch coming in 3rd place with HP, tied with Shelly, Nita, Poco, and Bo. This combined with his staggering speed makes him quite a dangerous brawler.



Main Attack

While his main attack is very unique with the quick dash, it doesn’t pack quite the punch you may be looking for. It only deals 160 damage, a pretty meager amount considering the other brawlers’ attacks. This may be a weak point in his game, but his dash ability should make up for it.

Reload Speed

While Mortis has the quick dash in his main attack, it comes at a price. Mortis has one of the slowest reload speeds in the game. It takes him 3 seconds to reload per attack, 9 seconds to reload all 3 attacks, a whole second slower per attack compared to El Primo. It may not seem like a lot, but in the heat of battle, it can mean the difference between life and death.




Mortis’ attack including the quick dash before his shovel swing makes it tricky to stay hidden in Showdown while trying to break the crates to earn power ups. If you are going to use Mortis in Showdown, I suggest that you go to the middle of the map and stay hidden. Stay hidden as long as you can, waiting until 3-4 brawlers are left. This may seem like a bad idea as all the other brawlers gather power ups, but your frightening speed means that it’ll be hard for them to hit you.



In Heist mode I don’t suggest using Mortis. He does not have a ranged attack or a super that does a ton of damage. To see what brawlers are good in Heist check out our Heist Mode post coming very soon! If you do use him, try and dash quickly to

where the safe is. While you may not deal much damage, it’ll be hard to catch you if you can infiltrate the back line.

Bounty & Gem Grab

These two modes are very similar to each other so Mortis is equally effective in each

mode. He is a great brawler to use in both game modes. Your goal should be to stay hidden and

surprise your opponent and dash out and kill them when they go to collect the gems in Gem Grab, or if they have a lot of stars in Bounty. Using Mortis’ super during the countdown in Gem Grab will be key to keeping you alive longer to kill your enemies. In Bounty, it will be key to use your ability in the final seconds to stay alive and protect your team’s stars or to go and kill enemies for a last second win.



Mortis is one of the best brawlers in the game, and his stunning speed makes him a threat in any game mode. If you have him or you can get him, I highly recommend using him.


I hope this guide has helped you in your Mortis escapades. If you have any questions, comment them below. If you see this on Reddit, or if you aren’t on Reddit you can tweet me or DM me on Twitter. In the mean time, enjoy crushing people with Mortis.

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