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Bounty Mathematics: Play Strategically and Effectively -- Brawl Stars Blog

Brawlers, the time has come! Positive star trades are here! In this post, I will be tackling the mathematics behind Bounty with the hopes of turning my readers into master Brawl Stars strategists! We’ve already done a basic Bounty guide before, but this one will delve more into the mathematical aspects of the game mode, and it will be more in-depth.


Gifted Star: The star spawned in the beginning of the game, in the center of the map.
Banked stars [BS]: Stars that are counted in the scoreboard. The more, the better.
Unbanked stars [US]: The bounty – stars that the team has on them as bounty, stars with the potential to become banked stars for the opponent. The more, the riskier it is to battle.
All stars [AS]: Banked stars of this team and unbanked stars of the other team together.
[BSo], [USo] and [ASo]: All/(un)banked stars of opponent.




Q1: Should I kill a player with a one-star bounty?


one star bounty brawl stars blog


It seems like a good move: it results in BS+1. But people forget its other effect: US+1. If a player kills you after that, they get BSo+2. In this case, as long as that brawler doesn’t get killed again, it’s a negative star trade. Otherwise this is a positive star trade (yeah, we’re gonna do this now). So, we want to know the odds of dying. In the main part of the game (the intergame), you are almost guaranteed to be killed at least once. Nearing the end (the postgame), we will be able to hide from players.
The border between these two is skill- and map-dependent. As a rule of thumb, the postgame is:

Noob: (1-200 total trophies): Last 10 seconds casual, last 20 seconds in bushes at spawn.
Intermediate: (200-600): Last 20 seconds casual, 30 seconds spawn.
High level: (600+): Last 30 seconds casual, 35 seconds spawn.
Using Mortis: Last 45 seconds casual, 60 seconds spawn & running away.

So, when you are in the intergame, don’t take too much risk, but don’t hesitate when there’s no risk. Ranged brawlers have an advantage here because they don’t have to take as much of a risk. Don’t forget — if they are going to kill you, it’s a different story.


Q2: Is the Gifted Star worth picking up?

Let’s look at the effects: BS+1, US+1. This compares to killing a one-starred player. Usually, the star is picked up right at the beginning, in the intergame. Also, lots of ranged brawlers shoot at anyone trying to pick up the star. My opinion? It’s not worth it. That being said, if you are given a safe opportunity to snag the gifted star, go for it!


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Q3: Which brawlers are the best?

Firstly, the brawlers which are seen as melee are El Primo and MortisBull and Nita’s bear are seen as semi-ranged/semi-melee units.
To answer this question, we will first examine the tasks of the game.
Task 1: Picking off kills without taking too much risk. Usually, pick off those with low health or those that are a threat.
Task 2: Killing the opponent with the most USo. A big risk, because the player with the most stars is usually tends to be better by nature.
Task 3: Defending the player with the most US. Suffice it to say, the momentum of a game can switch in an instant if you let the player with the most US die.
Task 4: Holding on to the big amount of stars you have (after doing one of the other tasks first).

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Who’s the best at these tasks? They are:
Best at Task 1: These players are most likely running away. A ranged unit is good at these. El Primo’s super would work, but there is not always a super waiting.
Best at Task 2: Any brawler would work. Ranged units are better against opponents executing Task 3, but a melee unit usually does more DPS. The best? Team attacks.
Best at Task 3: Ranged units, quite obvious, since that player you are defending will run away and the opponent will follow them. Melee units can be better in certain cases though.
Best at Task 4: Ranged units can scare the person chasing you, because they might die chasing you.

Overall ranged units, especially those with long range, are the best in these. But it is a recommendation to have at least one melee unit.

Master Strategies

This is an advanced method to keep track of the maximum amount of kills required to even out the bounty. This method requires training, and a simple mistake may be the difference between victory or fatality. Continue at your own risk. It is a different, more tactical way to know who to kill when the game is coming to an end, just like when you attempt to kill the opposing Brawler with the biggest bounty.


kill bounty brawl stars blogdeath bounty brawl stars blog



When the game starts…
1. Count deaths (red) of your team. Remember to look on the right, because left gives you the kills.
2. Count kills (blue) of your team. Remember to look left, because right gives you the deaths.
3. Subtract kills (left) from deaths (right).
4. This is the maximum number of kills required. If the opponent with the highest stars has too much health or cannot be killed in the time, target the weakest player(s) and kill them.

Tip: If you’d like to speed up steps 1 and 2, keep a counter in your head. Initialize this at 0. When a message appears left, subtract one, when one appears right, add one. The value of the counter at the moment is the maximum amount of kills required.


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