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Looking at Brawl Stars's Newest Star Powers (Week 4 Update) - Brawl Stars Blog
new star powers
Week 4’s new star powers, featuring Barley, Frank, and Tara! – Credit to Brawl Stars YT Channel

Howdy, Brawlers! Today, we’ll be looking at the newest star powers in Brawl Stars, giving our thoughts on each and taking a look at how they’ll affect the game as a whole. Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Barley – Extra Noxious

Details – “Adds +140 damage per second to Barley’s attack”

Analysis – Barley’s newest star power adds to his attack damage, making him even more lethal from behind. As if he wasn’t good enough already, his ability to deal increased damage has proven incredibly useful in game modes like Heist and Siege, allowing you to take out the opposing team’s safe/IKE. In showdown’s survival environment, Extra Noxious allows you to take out crates with less hits (at max level, you can destroy crates with three hits rather than two) and pester opponents even more. The added damage of Extra Noxious makes Barley an incredibly difficult opponent to deal with, especially when supported by a team of tanks.

Overall – Extra Noxious is an incredibly powerful Star Power for Barley, but the decision to use it over Medical Use depends on your playstyle. While Extra Noxious provides you with extra damage output, Medical Use’s advantages in the health sector help shore up Barley’s biggest weakness. In game modes like Heist and Siege where you can act as a support behind tankier teammates, I would recommend using Extra Noxious. However, in Showdown, you might be better going for Medical Use.

At the end of the day, Extra Noxious is an aggressive Star Power. If that suits your playstyle, Barley might be your new favorite brawler, the very definition of a glass cannon.

Frank – Sponge

Details – “Frank gains +1000 health”

Analysis – This new Star Power is a pretty boring one, providing a flat increase of +1000 to Frank’s already insane health. While it may not be exciting, making Frank even tankier certainly has its benefits. With the health increase, Frank becomes the highest HP brawler in the game, allowing him to take the brunt of the force in team conflicts and to outlast opponents in Showdown.

While his attack is still lacking and he is still susceptible to high-damage brawlers like Shelly, this health increase means his health at max level will reach a whopping 9120 HP. Combine that with just three power crates and Frank’s health breaks 10000, only furthering his incredible survivability.

Overall – Sponge may be dull, but it might be one of the most powerful Star Powers released during the newest update. There are still plenty of concerns with Frank’s overall role in the game, but Sponge has made his primary role even better. With a massive HP increase, Frank will be incredibly useful in team modes, allowing him to take the hits while his lower HP, higher attack teammates deal damage from behind. And in Showdown, a couple of crates can boost his attack to the point where it’s not so much of a liability.

I personally see Sponge as an incredible boost to Frank’s attributes. It might not fix his weaknesses, but with such high health, it might not even matter. Power Grab is weak as a Star Power and has very limited uses, so I would wholly recommend using Sponge as Frank’s primary Star Power.

Tara – Healing Shade

Details – “Tara’s Super cracks open a dimensional portal! A shadowy version of Tara’s appears to heal Tara and her teammates”

Analysis – Of the three new Star Powers, Tara’s Healing Shade is the only one that works in conjunction with her Super. When Tara uses her Super, she also conjures a shadow version of Tara. Healing Shade is incredibly similar to Black Hole, her other Star Power, except instead of dealing damage, Tara’s shadow now heals allies at 400 HP a hit.

To truly understand the potential of Healing Shade, it’s important to watch it in action. The speed with which her shadow heals and moves around the map is startling, and it makes Tara one of the most versatile brawlers in the game, adding to her already great offensive abilities.

The one negative about Tara’s shadow is its low health, coming in at 2400 HP. However, if you can stay in front of the shadow and prevent it from taking true damage, the healing it will give you while alive is incredibly valuable and could prove crucial in the dying seconds of the game.

Overall – Tara’s Healing Shade is the most interesting and the most powerful Star Power yet, in my opinion. While the traditional issues with the shadow’s low HP exist, Healing Shade alone makes Tara one of the best healers in the game. Her previous Star Power, Black Hole, bolstered her attacking prowess, but I think Healing Shade is better because of its well-roundedness, making her one of the most versatile brawlers available.

A team with Tara, a support brawler, and a tank would be a scary sight indeed, and I predict we’ll see a lot more team compositions in use shortly as Healing Shade continues to be tested out and perfected.

What’s Coming Next?

Week 5’s Upcoming Star Powers — Featuring Brock, Poco, and Pam! – Credit to Brawl Stars YT Channel

This is far from the last week of Star Power updates, and we already have information regarding the next set of Star Powers.

Brock (Rocket No. 4) – Brock gains a fourth rocket and ammo slot.

Poco (Screeching Solo) – Poco’s Super deals 1200 damage.

Pam (Mama’s Squeeze) – Pam’s Super now deals 400 damage per second.

Stay tuned for our analysis of these upcoming Star Powers once we see them in action! And as always, thank you for reading, and keep on brawling!

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