Hey Brawlers! So Brawl Stars has been out for a few weeks now, and after numerous hours of playtime, I have realized quite a few things. Some of these things I like, others not so much. For the most part though, this game is Supercell’s next “big gem” game (pun intended). The pros for this game far outweigh the cons, and for this reason, I decided to write an article giving five reasons why I believe Brawl Stars could be the next BIG thing.

If you wish to comment on my reasons, keep in mind of one thing: pay attention to my use of the word “could” in the title. Never under any circumstances is a game guaranteed to become a blockbuster hit for the gaming community. That being said I hope you enjoy my top five reasons why I believe this game could be the next big thing.


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1. The Controls

There are a few things certain games lack that keep them from becoming a Gem Grabhit: easy to learn controls. Far too often do games have such deep complexity that the skill cap is way too high. Granted this is not a big deal for hardcore gamers such as myself and others, but it drives the casual base (which makes up most of the gaming community) away from the game. Brawl Stars fits into my category of “easy to learn, difficult to master” as a child could learn the controls rather quickly.

Heck, it even offers two different options as to how to control the game. This gives players the option to choose the controls to their liking, another plus. Easy controls brings in a much larger audience including kids, veteran gamers (kind words for the “older generation”), and even hardcore gamers alike. It’s hard to complain about a game that is easy on the brain as far as learning. This brings me straight to my second reason.


brawl stars blog home2. Attractiveness

When you have a game with easy controls AND a simple navigation interface, it becomes aesthetically pleasing to the eye. No one likes a cluttered-up interface, and Supercell is the master of creating games with good looking and easy to navigate menus.

In my eyes, this is a huge plus for a game to get popular. The prettier a game looks, the more pleasing it will be to play, simple as that.


3. Variety

There is no doubt that Clash Royale has seen an increase in eSports Popularity and app store success throughout its life. Yet even though that game offers 2v2 play, tourneys, challenges, ladder play, it still in a general sense is one game-mode: The Arena. Brawl Stars has a Free-For-All (now team game mode) mode called Showdown. It has team game modes like Heist, Bounty, and Gem Grab.


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These are all original in their own way, and they bring such an entertaining aspect to the game. The game always seems to have something fun to play as the event timers prevent the game modes from getting too stale or repetitive. To add even further to this, each game mode has multiple maps! With 16 unique brawlers, the fun doesn’t end there. Each brawler is better at certain things, and they each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Brawl Stars can be anything you want it to be!

For a mobile game, this is quite impressive. Not to mention that the dev team plans to add more game modes and maps in the future. The variety in this game is simply superior from any other game on mobile I have seen to date.


4. The Dev Team

Kudos to an amazing development team. In just a brief time, they have hosted an AMA on Reddit, made original posts, provided weekly news in-game, and much more. There is nothing negative to say about the workers at Supercell as they have listened to the community’s suggestions with open arms.

As a gamer, there is little more you can ask for when the development team listens to the community for the betterment of the game. We can only hope that this continues for the duration of the game, and seeing the consistency of updates and news I’d bet it does.


5. Length of Play

You can play this game during your work lunch break, at school, waiting in a grocery store line, practically anywhere! You can also use your entire Saturday to grind with your bandmates using voice chat for 10 hours. One of the things that I believe makes Clash Royale so popular is the fact that you can get on for a couple minutes if that is all you have.


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For console games and many PC games, you generally must be able to devote a decent amount of time to play. With Brawl Stars, you don’t have to. If you only have 3 minutes before class starts, that’s enough time to play a match real fast. People like games that are convenient to play regardless of the time they have.


Brawl Stars has enormous potential for success. There are so many more aspects to the game that I feel could cause it to be a tremendous success, but these are the ones I feel are the most crucial. The dev team has a lot of work on their hands to continue to deliver a phenomenal game, but I have do doubt they will go above and beyond. Let me know if you agree or not with my 5 reasons, and I would be glad to discuss.

Stay tuned for the next update, as I will be releasing a NEW Tier List for it! (assuming the update includes nerfs/buffs).

Master Yoda

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    i completely agree with you i think this game will hit over 100 million downloads in just a month or two when it hits worldwide release

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