Welcome to the first installment of Brawl Stock, your source for potential upcoming balances changes and suggestions in that regard. In many ways, it’s similar to r/brawlstars, except I’m literate! For each article, I will select 2 Brawlers essentially at random. From there, I will account for their usage rates, how they’re being used, and how effectively that’s being done to determine what balancing, if any, should be done. Sound simple? I hope so, it can’t be that complicated for an idea I came up with 5 minutes ago. Let’s go!



Our first stop on the inaugural Brawl Stock is Jessie, a brawler I find to be quite polarizing among the community (or at least my circle of friends). She offers obvious benefits, serving as an excellent complement to virtually any team composition. Her turret acts as a fourth man out there, capable of anything from suppressing an enemy to doing clean-up on a few kills. The conduction mechanic with her main attack is rather novel and I find its useful moments to be few and far between. Even then, her versatility and malleability to different play styles ensures a high floor for her value in any meta. That being said, I find her usage and effectiveness slightly lower than what’s optimal. Conceptually she’s rock solid and is a tweak or two away from being a very well balanced player.

What Can Be Done?

Jessie is definitely not a brawler fit for a 1v1 with Bull (avoid showdown), and honestly should hang back if at all possible. Her value when strictly using her main attack is mediocre-to-poor and is not where she earns her keep.

Focusing on improving her already lethal turret is the direction balance changes should go with Jessie, furthering her uniqueness and preventing her from fading into an afterthought at higher trophy counts. Without an effective super, Jessie has no niche and isn’t worth using over other mid-range brawlers such as Nita and Shelly.

A small buff to the damage dealt by the turret is the most important alternation to improving Jessie’s standing in the metagame. This will give opponents less margin for error when fleeing for cover, trailed by bullets ready to finish of its owner’s dirty work. It will also give Jessie slightly more value in the area denial department, making taking out a turret riskier and potentially not even worth it.

Additionally, a very minor (5%?) reduction in the time it takes to reload Jessie’s super would serve her well. This would make her turrets a bit more prevalent in any game mode and reinforce her specialty of adding an additional gun to the fight.

Verdict: Buff



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“I’ve been hiding in this bush for what feels like years. A pack of three Shelly’s teaming walked by, but luckily none noticed me. It’s a Shelly wasteland out here.” -some loser who probably played Ricochet in Showdown

In all seriousness, Shelly is so prevalent in every single game mode right now it’s disgusting. She checks every single box. She’s a mini-tank with range, who’s attack also packs a punch and by the way, has a pretty effective super. Her versatility is important and must be preserved, but nobody in their right mind can agree she’s undeserving of a few nerfs. Please, I’m tired of seeing purple in Showdown.

What can be done?

Shelly’s versatility cannot coexist with her currently potency, and versatility is the name of the game for this brawler. She should be a Jack-of-all-trades, master of none. As things stand, she’s a Jack-of-all-trades, o shit here she comes.

The goal of any balance changes with her should be to make other mid-range options more viable, by weakening her instead of buffing them.

The biggest issue with Shelly is how obscenely long her range is, relative to the power of her shotgun. She must be differentiated from Bull to avoid becoming a direct downgrade, but a trim to her range would help curb the Shelly infestation. A 10% decrease in range is my suggestion, but honestly, any number in that ballpark would do just fine.

Shelly also needs to be hit with a nerf to her damage dealt with buckshot, her main attack. This will fundamentally weaken her and make her a less attractive selection. Most importantly, it will change how those who use her currently play. If Shelly’s buckshot does less damage, using her full range becomes a riskier and less rewarding endeavor. This promotes players to get up in other player’s grills, while not entirely trimming down her range to nothing.

Verdict: Nerf



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