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Brawl Stars Team Status Update - August 2017 - Brawl Stars Blog

Hello, my star Brawlers! Today I will discuss the status update from the Brawl Stars team over at Brawl Stars Reddit (/r/Brawlstars)`an exciting message with more information on Showdown teams & other little things!

In Finland, it’s customary for everyone to take 4 weeks vacation around July, mainly because the winters are long there. Now that it’s over, Supercell left a post stating a few things about the game, including what they plan to start working on.


Showdown Teaming Fix

Supercell checked the possibilities on stopping Showdown teams. Most options were difficult and, what we in programming call ‘ugly hacks’ — workarounds that have side-effects and don’t fix the problem long-term. The solution found is the following: allow teams. No extra rules, so keep Showdown as-is. Supercell won’t bother changing teams. Don’t think Supercell’s just going to leave it like this, Supercell’s idea is changing it into a whole new game mode – still named Showdown and with the same rules, but different intended interactions between players. Teaming is now part of the game; but beware, your teammate(s) may want to ‘backstab’, killing a teammate while they trust you. That’s the reason the team kept it, they find it an “interesting social dynamic”.

We see Showdown as something a little more akin to “Hunger Games.” Survive by any means necessary.

But this is teaming with strangers. There is another type of teaming, teaming with people on purpose, which Supercell doesn’t want. They are working on ways to fix this.

So, Showdown is no longer free-for-all?

If Supercell sees a good idea that isn’t complicated, easy and has no loopholes, they will implement it. They’re trying to say, “We’re going to leave it as-is right now, but we won’t dismiss a way to fix it.”


Supercell is Working on New Game Modes!

In the post, Supercell put in that they are working on

[…] new Brawlers, new game modes, trophy/leaderboard improvements, and quite a few quality of life changes.

Notice the new game modes part, inconspicuously hidden in the text by the team. This confirms that Supercell is not just fixing problems, but is working on game modes and other new features too!


Less Same-Brawler Battles

It’s quite annoying being in/against a team with 3 Shellies, Los Primos, Pipers or anything else. Sometimes it’s funny, but it can quickly become a nuisance – just like Showdown teaming, placing higher on the ladder increases the chance. Supercell is trying to fix this, so expect an update on this soon.

UPDATE: After today’s balance change (Reddit post | clarification of balances), no duplicate players exist anymore, as long as your total trophies are 100 or more. Players with less than 100 total trophies might still experience issues because of the matchmaking algorithm.


What are some issues with the game now and how can they be fixed?

  1. Balancing — Balancing Brawlers, especially the over- and underused. Unlike other times/games, there are a few balance-requiring Brawlers but the most Brawlers are quite balanced.
  2. Trophies — Trophies don’t do much right now, only a small coin boost. In other Supercell games, more trophies would give a reward that increases by trophies and/or unlocks unlockables (a Brawler).
  3. Gems –There is no natural way to earn gems right now. Gems aren’t really better than coins right now, except for +50% boost, x2 boost, and skins.
  4. Reasons to Play — After obtaining all gold, you generally only continue to get extra gold by leveling up Brawlers if you have time to waste. There are not many extra things to do, like Clash of Clans redesigning your base, Clash Royale going up in trophies (see issue #2), and in most Supercell games playing multiplayer with people you know, in this case in your band.
  5. Unlocking Brawlers — You can’t get enough gold quickly enough to unlock epics or legendaries. There is too much chance since a big percentage of the brawlers is legendaries (since there are not many legendaries in the game, yet).
  6. Bugs — There are tons of bugs in the game. Like, when dead, being stuck at the top-left corner (presumably 0 X 0 Y), seeing no character, or crashing games.

Image result for dead emoji

Game Killed or Not? What we think.

We think the game is going to survive beta. There are lots of complaints, but a lot of those people don’t recognize its beta status. Problems are likely to occur, and there is not much that can be done about new features this early on. And for the Android folk (including me, although I also have an iPad): it’s worth waiting!



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