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Everything You Need to Know About Star Player - Brawl Stars Blog

If you have been brawling outside of Showdown lately, you’ll have noticed that there is always a Star Player at the end of each match. You also may have wondered what it means and how someone receives the title. In this guide, I’ll go through what this title actually means and how you can increase your chances of receiving the accolade. Hope you enjoy!


What is it?

Seeing yourself as the Star Player makes you feel like you were the most important or best player in that round. While this is somewhat true, remember that without the synergy of your team-mates, you guys may not have won. Every round, the Star Player rank is given to one player, but that does not mean other players were not as important. Don’t go bragging about getting Star Player too much, because you aren’t the only player who has gotten it.


Who Gets the Rank?

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Star Player gets awarded to one person each round, as previously stated. However, both the winning and losing (your team and the enemy team) can get the rank. Even if your team or the opponents team loses, a player on that team can be the Star Player regardless. Just because you win does NOT mean your team will always have someone awarded Star Player. This goes the same with all the game modes except Showdown (no Star Player here). This being said, just because you get the most crystals on a Gem Grab round, the most stars at the end of a Bounty match, or you destroy the safe in Heist mode, it DOES NOT guarantee you will get the Star Player. Don’t worry though, since if you do all those things, you have contributed a lot during the round, which makes it more likely for you to be awarded Star Player.


How is the Star Player Picked?

Star Player is picked by the system through different algorithms. It picks depending on the damage done (kills), deaths, contribution, and usefulness in the round. In S&G, the best way to get Star Player is by getting crystals (like I mentioned above, getting 10 crystals does NOT guarantee you get the award, only helps the chances) and killing opponents with more crystals. In Bounty, it’s all about the kills and deaths. The more kills you get without dying, the more stars you get (max. of 7), which ultimately increases the chances of you being hunted but also the chances of you being the Star Player.

Finally, in Heist, the best way is by damaging the safe as much as possible. If you see an opening to the safe, go for it and deal as much damage as possible before dying. If you are defending, make sure to get the kills in and prevent damage taken to the safe. In ALL the three game modes, kills and deaths are huge contributing factors to getting the achievement. The more kills and less the deaths you get, the greater chances of you getting Star Player. Some small contributing factors include whether you won or lost and how much healing was done.

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How is it Rewarding to Be Star Player?

Being the Star Player doesn’t mean much as of now. The only rewards it gives is pride and some bonus XP (10). In a match, don’t focus too much on getting Star Player; instead, just play the round as best as you can and you will naturally get the accolade. If you focus too much on getting the relatively underwhelming award, your team may lose which ultimately reduces your chances of getting it from about 27% (assuming everyone gets the exact same amount of kills, deaths, and other contributing factors) to around 5%. Remember, the game is all about synergy and teamwork.

Hopefully in the future, Supercell will add a Star Player count in the player info tab or at least some reward for getting the accolade (that isn’t bonus XP, since leveling up faster isn’t what most people want). For many of the players who prefer team game modes to Showdown, there’s no statistic to show how successful you’ve been like the showdown victories, so the introduction of a statistic in the profile would be great, and it would be helpful for determining bragging rights.



That’s all I have for the Star Player rank in Brawl Stars. If you have any comments, feel free to leave them below. I hope this guide helped you understand more of what it is and how you can claim the title. Continue brawling, Brawlers, and good luck in Brawl Stars.

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